How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 18 2019

' ' or '-' particle ion
'Now . . . where ___ I?' was
'Rumour Has It' singer adele
'This means ___!' you
'Uh-uh!' nah
53-Across loudly sob
Alma mater of both Bushes yale
Ash receptacle urn
Barely adequate meager
Bridges of 'Airplane!' lloyd
Campers' homes, for short rvs
Canadian dollar bird loon
Catch sight of spot
Chlumsky of 'Veep' anna
Command to a bellhop front
Cost-of-living fig cpi
Cuisine with dirty rice cajun
Declare illegal forbid
Deny entry to bar
Elbow-to-wrist bone ulna
Enter by force invade
Ernie on the links els
European automaker since 1899 opel
Female walrus cow
Flapper's wrap boa
Game with 'ponies' polo
Gastric acid component, chemically hcl
Gets the gist of grasps
Go on to say add
Grand Canyon tour beast packmule
Greasy spoon dish hash
Greedy sort hog
Hoity-toity sort elitist
Iditarod racers sleds
In apple-pie order neat
Infield protector tarp
Janis' comic strip mate arlo
Job for a plumber clog
Le Carre hero spy
Library fundraiser booksale
Lobster-exporting state maine
Loch legend, informally nessie
Make a wrong turn, say err
Manicurist's tool nailclipper
More in the pink haler
Movie with an amnesiac fish findingdory
Multimedia artist Yoko ono
N.W.A.'s genre hiphop
Natural talent knack
On a first-name ___ basis
Onesie closer snap
Orbiting debris spacejunk
Pet-friendly org aspca
Prefix with arthritis osteo
Priests with prayer wheels lamas
Pungent bulb garlic
Rating for a bad movie onestar
Really annoying irksome
Recreation org. since 1844 ymca
Replaceable part of a place to swim poolliner
Roxie's husband in 'Chicago' amos
Scammers' victims dupes
Scholarship application figure income
Sharp-as-a-marble sort idiot
Sherman with the album 'My Son, the Nut' allan
Shot from a doc hypo
Six 1819 Keats works odes
Slow-cooked meal stew
Southern chef Paula deen
Spur-of-the-moment impulse whim
Stage after larva pupa
Teakettle feature spout
The human race mankind
Three-person, 32-card game skat
Turn on the waterworks cry
Turn-skipping words ipass
Whack jobs lunatics
With no punishment at all scotfree
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