How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 16 2003

"Make do" amount LESS
"Z" ___ "zebra" ASIN
Accepted practice USAGE
Algeria's second largest city ORAN
Apprentice night stalker OWLET
April 22 honoree EARTH
Arthur who played Dagwood LAKE
Auto mechanic's report, part 1 YOURBRAKES
Bacon film FOOTLOOSE
Be an informer SING
Big name in luxury cars ROYCE
Black EBON
Black as pitch INKY
Bonnie, to Warren's Clyde FAYE
Call partner? BECK
Cohan's "___ There" OVER
Comic actor Kabibble ISH
Completion of the mechanic's report HORNLOUDER
Desktop image ICON
Dishwasher setting RINSE
Each PER
Electrician, at times WIRER
Explosive matter, for short NITRO
Feudal estate MANOR
Financial report item ASSET
Flight testing area RANGE
Greek cousin of the harp LYRE
Halloween mo. OCT
Hard ending? SHIP
Indian Mister SRI
Indifference APATHY
Initials for the impatient ASAP
Inner wall of a trench ESCARP
It may be first, second or third in its field BASE
It may be light or grand OPERA
It may be mailed FIST
It often comes with a proposal RING
Kubrick's "Eyes Wide ___" SHUT
Lomond or Ness LOCH
Luminous AGLOW
Mae West's "She Done ___ Wrong" HIM
Mechanic's report, part 2 AREBEYONDREPAIR
Mechanic's report, part 3 WEHAVETOMAKETHE
Medical research agcy. NIH
Metric weight KILO
Metric work units ERGS
Name attached to a tongue-in-cheek law MURPHY
Norse god ODIN
Not just bad TERRIBLE
Not tricked by ONTO
One of a pair on a caribou ANTLER
Pain from a strain ACHE
Past perturbed IRATE
Penitent RUER
Pointless dueling weapon EPEE
Prevent from entering DEBAR
Prickly seedcase BUR
Public squares FORA
Raise the hem, maybe ALTER
Raison d'___ ETRE
Reverie DREAM
Rich Little, for one APER
Sat in the wine cellar AGED
Some gridiron players ENDS
Southeast Asian peninsula MALAY
Stem used for wickerwork CANE
Stung, in a way ENTRAPPED
Surrealist Salvador DALI
Sycophant's response YES
Tender opening? GOAL
Term in comparisons THAN
Their big day is March 17th IRISH
Transmit SEND
Watch for the cops, maybe ABET
___ Rabbit BRER
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