How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 15 2003

"Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" author AGEE
"Misery" Oscar winner Bates KATHY
"Oh no, ___!" (certain singer's palindromic "greeting") DONHO
"Pumping ___" (1977) IRON
"The ___ Archipelago" (Solzhenitsyn) GULAG
1988 Olympics locale KOREA
3-D exam MRI
Accumulate ACCRUE
Andre of the courts AGASSI
Ankle covering SPAT
Another fed. agcy. FDA
At an earlier place SUPRA
Author Rand AYN
Be imperfect ERR
Bit of starch CARB
Blind man's bluff? ISEE
Burn superficially SINGE
Calendar run MTWTF
Ceramic layer TILER
Corner key ESC
Corny chip FRITO
Do something ACT
Double fold PLEAT
Drang's partner STURM
Eastern instruments SITARS
Entertain an honoree FETE
Farthest from the pin AWAY
Fed. agcy. SSA
Griddle FRY
Have, once HAST
Hose problem KINK
Ice digs IGLOO
Incensement ANGER
It could hang from your neck IDTAG
It lies east of 60-Across ASIA
It may be vinyl or aluminum SIDING
It might be sown OAT
It's after me, often TOO
Jersey, e.g. COW
Juilliard major OPERA
Kick the tires TEST
Legend's locale ATLAS
Like a church mouse POOR
Make one's attendance official SIGNIN
Mars is one WARGOD
Maudlin sentimentality SCHMALTZ
Newsman Charles OSGOOD
Nile reptile ASP
Not even! ODD
Not invited or requested UNBID
Not Scary, one of the others? POSH
Open contempt SCORN
Patriotic shout USA
Peter's cottontail? SCUT
Phrase in disco names AGOGO
Prefix with "graph" PHONO
Quest maker NISSAN
Russian mountain range URAL
Sherpa's locale, sometimes KATMANDU
Simple question YESNO
Site of the oldest church in France METZ
Skilled ADEPT
Small cave GROT
Small price to pay CENT
Something to win by AHAIR
Spot checker? ASPCA
Struck with consternation AGHAST
Student's job LEARN
Sweet fruit FIG
Talese title word THY
Used car problem, sometimes RUST
Vito Corleone's home SICILY
Von Richthofen's title BARON
What manly men are not GIRLY
Wise guys? MAGI
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