How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 14 2003

". . . lettuce, pickles and hold the ___" MAYO
"All My Children," e.g. SOAP
"And now, without further ___ . . ." ADO
"Cut! Good scene!" THATSAWRAP
"Go ahead" signal NOD
"Les Miserables" author HUGO
"Macbeth" creatures HAGS
"Opal" or "coal" ending ESCE
"The Maltese Falcon" sleuth SPADE
"View From the Top" star MYERS
"Wii ___" (home video game) FIT
18th century German philosopher KANT
A bit of antiquity RELIC
A false god BAAL
A throw might go over it SOFA
Abates EASES
Accessories ADDONS
Added inches GREW
African grain SORGHUM
Aircraft parking spot APRON
Any one of the Top 40 SONG
Appropriate by force WREST
Argued, as a case PLED
Arranged in rows and columns TABULAR
Arrow's path ARC
Attention diverter REDHERRING
Attorney Dershowitz ALAN
Balsa plane "motor" RUBBERBAND
Barley brew ALE
Baseball's Ripken CAL
Be moody BROOD
Big name in small planes CESSNA
Blokes CHAPS
Bone-dry ARID
Book blunder ERRATUM
Break down grammatically PARSE
Brightly colored bird TANAGER
Broadway smash MEGAHIT
Brooch part PIN
Brouhaha TODO
Carey hairdo CREWCUT
Causing disintegration EROSIVE
CD completer ROM
Ceremonial bugle rendition TAPS
Civil rights leader Wilkins ROY
Cliff dwelling, sometimes AERIE
Code of conduct ETHIC
Conductor's wand BATON
Control-tower device RADAR
Cosmetic counter item MASCARA
Crow of a crow CAW
Crusoe's refuge ISLAND
Current event? TIDE
Dignified "Shucks!" ALAS
Disordered MESSY
Distinctive doctrines ISMS
Doctor's advice, sometimes REST
Dog with short legs and a long body DACHSHUND
Doozy LULU
Dryer accumulation LINT
Dundee denial NAE
Eat quickly SCARFDOWN
Edgar Bergen dummy Klinker EFFIE
Enormous sea wave TSUNAMI
Esculent EDIBLE
Even if, informally THO
Evening parties SOIREES
Events after the first quarter of the moon NEAPTIDES
Female cheviot EWE
First cervical vertebra ATLAS
Flamboyant neckwear FEATHERBOA
Four, often PAR
French clergyman ABBE
French hen preceder TURTLEDOVE
Gangland thugs GOONS
Go a-courting WOO
Graceful ending? AMEN
Grind (as teeth) GNASH
Hindu dress SARI
How some explain a coincidence FATE
In and of itself PERSE
In dreamland, perhaps ABED
Initials of a crack team? DEA
Jordan's only port AQABA
July birthstone RUBY
Land of leprechauns EIRE
Lionhearted one's quality COURAGE
Lounging attire ROBE
Lower the allowed electrical capacity of DERATE
Maligner of a sort LIBELER
Map of building lots PLAT
Math word EQUALS
May Day time in Mass. EDT
Merit EARN
Morose DOUR
Mother Teresa, e.g. NUN
Muscular distress ACHE
Netted amount TAKE
Niagara sound ROAR
Ninety degrees from starboard AFT
Nobel-winning U.N. agency ILO
Nutcracker's target, sometimes PECAN
Onassis, to Jackie ARI
One hit in Detroit LION
One of 88 KEY
One of Pooh's pals ROO
One sharing the billboard COSTAR
Orchard Field, since 1949 OHARE
Oscar winner Barrymore ETHEL
Part of a wolf pack UBOAT
Pass over OMIT
Plaintiff in a 1973 case ROE
Popular Caribbean island ARUBA
Resignee of 1973 AGNEW
Restorative resort SPA
Road Runner adjunct CABLE
Saccharine SUGARY
Sacred song PSALM
Sales chart GRAPH
Second childhood DOTAGE
Shower affection (on) DOTE
Sign for a fortuneteller OMEN
Sitting rooms PARLORS
Stagnating IDLE
Stand in good ___ STEAD
Stretch of history ERA
Surrealist Tanguy YVES
Teacher's command HUSH
The middle Simpson sibling LISA
They're dubbed SIRS
They're on lines ENDS
Topples OUSTS
Trolley sound CLANG
Turnstile inserts TOKENS
Unflappable SERENE
University of Maine site ORONO
Upstairs catchall ATTIC
Vessel used to stir things up WOK
Volunteer with Teddy Roosevelt ROUGHRIDER
Where some people worship from AFAR
Wiped-out avians DODOS
Women with young'uns MAS
Wonder AWE
Word shouted or whispered at church AMEN
Word with how or where ANY
Word with puller or service WIRE
Word-word link FOR
World War II General Bradley OMAR
Wreak vengeance on GET
___ many irons in the fire TOO
___ Perón, former Argentine first lady EVA
___-tat (snare drum sound) RATA
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