How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 08 2018

'Say it ___ so, Joe' aint
'Time flies,' e.g adage
'___-haw!' (rodeo cry) yee
2018 Official ___ (MLB publication) rules
28-Down, with 'out' mete
Absorbed, as a loss ate
Adrenaline rush, e.g thrill
Apt to talk back sassy
Batting average boosters hits
Beat the pants off rout
Benitez of SI swimsuit issues elsa
Boot camp arrival newrecruit
Campus digs, for short dorm
Cede the pigskin punt
Charity's plea give
Cheeta and kin apes
Chess player's plan of attack strategy
Chinchilla and sable furs
Cold dish at a cookout pastasalad
Distribute in shares allot
Drudge of the Drudge Report matt
Exchanges vows with weds
Expert, as in fashion maven
Fenway great Williams ted
Flexible learning space design openclassroom
Flowery verses odes
Francis, since 2013 pope
Gem with a play of colors opal
Genesis shepherd abel
Give in a bit bend
Good thing to have asset
Graffiti, to some art
Hawaiian symbols of affection leis
Help for the stumped hint
Hobby farm denizens ants
Horror film cohort of Boris bela
Impossible NFL score one
Indications of decay odors
Keglers' org pba
Lab maze solver rat
Let up, as a storm abate
Like a white 33-Across albino
Like a yenta nosy
Loggers' needs saws
Long-billed wader ibis
Match, as a bet see
Maul or awl tool
MSG part mono
Mulligan stew maker hobo
NFL players gridders
Not nutty sane
One of a romantic dozen rose
Papers, magazines et al printmedia
Parti-colored pied
Place to build site
Poker prize pot
Port of France brest
Potential 51st state puertorico
Prefix meaning 24-Down uni
Pulse rate, blood pressure et al vitals
Reporter's question when
Respond to reveille rise
Santa ___, Calif ana
School-zone sign word slow
Slow time for a retailer lull
Some pipe bends ells
Sudden torrent spate
Time to bring in the closer savesituation
Tiny songbird wren
Transgender subject of a Kinks song lola
Traveled like a free throw arced
Trident-shaped letters psis
Turns topsy-turvy upends
VAN/___/STRAW choc
Venetian blind part slat
Wharton deg mba
Who's base first
Word with ego or guilt trip
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