How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 08 2015

". . . and make it fast!" ASAP
"Fancy that!" GEE
"Farm" or "home" attachment STEAD
"Hamburger Hill" setting, briefly NAM
32 degrees F, for water FREEZINGPOINT
About to explode IRATE
Add to the staff HIRE
Air pump letters PSI
All thumbs INEPT
Amateur's opposite PRO
Aquatic mammal OTTER
Arabian bigwig EMIR
Astound AMAZE
At full speed, on the sea AMAIN
Baby's first word? MAMA
Ball perch TEE
Barley beards AWNS
Beanie Babies were one FAD
Beautiful fairies of Persian myth PERIS
Believers in plant and stone spirits ANIMISTS
Boatswain BOSUN
Bob, Ted, Carol or Alice FIRSTNAME
Bony cavities, anatomically ANTRA
Bouncing off the walls MANIC
Bright thought IDEA
Bypass OMIT
Club with no dues? FREEASSOCIATION
College girl COED
Deep sleep SOPOR
Depth charge target UBOAT
Drain-cleaning substance LYE
Ending for "puppet" EER
Engine knock PING
Erects, as a contraption RIGSUP
Excalibur, for one SWORD
Filmgoer's lure PROMO
First word of "The Raven" ONCE
Give off, as light EMIT
Grandmothers, to tots NANAS
Grassland LEA
Guest speaker's spot DAIS
Guy's partner GAL
H.H. Munro SAKI
Hiding place for treasure CACHE
Hospital VIP NURSE
If you drop it, you may trip LSD
Introduction to math? AFTER
It's dynamite stuff TNT
It's used to avoid listing ETCETERA
J. Edgar Hoover's org FBI
Lawyers belong to it (Abbr.) ABA
Lays down a new lawn SODS
Like Santa's cheeks ROSY
Like some talk SMALL
Magna ___ laude CUM
More than enough PLENTY
Multiplication word TIMES
Not "fer" AGIN
Not he SHE
O. Henry's "The Gift of the ___" MAGI
One's life story MEMOIR
Post-wash cycle RINSE
Put on, as makeup APPLY
Related AKIN
Relative of a zebra ONAGER
Represents in drawings LIMNS
Ripped TORN
Scalp output HAIR
Sewer rodent RAT
Soon, to a bard ANON
Sudanese Republic, now MALI
Take down, as hair UNDO
Throw a fit GOOFF
Type of harbor boat TUG
What a scholarship provides FREEEDUCATION
___ Minor ASIA
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