How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 07 2019

'Mustache' makeup in classic ads milk
A grandson of Adam enos
Amenity with hot rocks sauna
Ancient Andean inca
Baffin and Biscayne bays
Banned plastic item, in many places straw
Barbells, informally iron
Bottom-line figures sums
California-based oil company arco
Car-denting precipitation hail
Ceramist's oven kiln
CIA operative agent
Class with mats yoga
Classroom favorites pets
Clickable image icon
Climber's destination acme
Dermatologist's removal cyst
Design datum, briefly spec
Do a face-plant, say trip
Do a lexicographer's work define
Doctoral hurdle oral
Down with a bug ill
Dry or dirty drink martini
Emile Zola's courtesan nana
Event before a final semi
Find repugnant hate
Flower with purple rays aster
Gives the nod to oks
Grand ___ (Wyoming peak) teton
Hang out to dry air
High on the hwy dui
HUD part urban
Ivy League caretaker? yalewarden
John on the Mayflower alden
Juicy gossip dirt
Just sitting around idle
Like a big brother older
Like good penmanship neat
Links hazard trap
Luftwaffe foes of WWII raf
Magneto, Cyclops et al xmen
Many first-time voters teens
Meeting of orange veggies? yamsession
Moth-eaten trite
Mutton source ewe
North Dakota's largest city fargo
On a yacht, say sailing
Out of the way aside
Patronize, as 59-Down stayat
Pete who surpassed Cobb rose
Pitcher's-mound bag material rosin
Places for hidden aces sleeves
Poked fun at needled
Poland Spring competitor evian
Porcine tusker boar
Prefix meaning 'four' tetra
Prom partner date
Pupil's controller iris
Purloiner of Santa's toys? yulethief
Radio pioneer de Forest lee
Rancher's rope lasso
Seventh-inning tradition stretch
Shepard in space alan
Sing praises to exalt
Slower than adagio lento
Speaks Dixie-style drawls
Sprinter's assignment lane
State confidently assert
Super bargain steal
Tate Modern offering art
Tech's caller user
Tibetan dairy delicacy? yakcheese
Up to the task able
Waste maker, it's said haste
Wayfarers' stopovers inns
Words of clarification imean
X-Acto knife cut, perhaps slit
___-aging cream anti
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