How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 06 2013

"House of the Long Shadows" actor Christopher LEE
10th-century pope LEOV
Abrasion aftermath SCAB
Aggressive hawking HARDSELL
Alludes (to) REFERS
Always, in a poem EER
Approximately ORSO
Arduous voyage TREK
Banks of diamond fame ERNIE
Blow one's own horn? TOOT
Bum chaser? STEER
Cicatrix SCAR
Darn it SEW
DDE beat him AES
Disintegrate slowly ERODE
Docket entry ITEM
Extended family members NIECES
Farrow of "Zelig" MIA
First letter of the Arabic alphabet ALIF
Flourishes BLOSSOMS
Funnyman Martin SHORT
Goddess of the moon LUNA
Governmental overthrows COUPSDETAT
Had down KNEW
Haggard heroine SHE
High homes AERIES
In abundance GALORE
Infield post BASE
Insertion symbol CARET
Irritant in one's side THORN
It keeps things separated SPACER
It's short of a quartet TRIO
Like the designated driver SOBER
List ender ETAL
Machine openings SLOTS
Magazine section ROTO
Mercy and love are two? SEATS
Meter maid of song RITA
Mover and shaker DOER
Mythical bird of prey ROC
Natural effortlessness EASE
Nimbus AURA
No longer cool PASSE
Olfactory offense ODOR
Opera that premiered in Cairo AIDA
Orchestra section BRASS
Pendulum partner? PIT
Portent OMEN
Race units LAPS
Races, as a motor REVS
Ran a tab OWED
Routing preposition VIA
San ___ (Riviera resort) REMO
Sandwich side COLA
Selected, as straws DREW
Seventeenth state OHIO
Skylit courtrooms ATRIA
Slapstick's Laurel STAN
Small Indian hand drum TABLA
Small sofa SETTEE
Sniggler's catches EELS
Some legal papers RELEASES
Some nest eggs IRAS
Sort of wave SHOCK
Statement made in the fall TRICKORTREAT
Suffix with "great" EST
Tableland MESA
Very small amounts TADS
Vigorous cause advocate ACTIVIST
Watchmaker's glass LOUPE
Western topper TENGALLONHAT
Word with "act" or "gear" RIOT
Word with "bar" or "area" CODE
Words of alarm OHOH
___ fixe (obsessive thought) IDEE
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