How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 04 2019

'27 up, 27 down' feat perfectgame
'Dream on!' asif
'Gesundheit!' elicitor achoo
'Look here!' eyesonme
'Mud,' by another name java
'My apologies' sosorry
'No biggie' itsok
'Skyfall' spy bond
2-Down is a measure of it area
2016 Olympics city, familiarly rio
24-Across, e.g agent
Apple's apple, e.g logo
Ashley, to Mary-Kate Olsen twin
Bandits' wear masks
Bladed gardening tool hoe
Boot out of office oust
Boxcar hopper hobo
Bumble.com user's goal date
Bunch of baloney story
Burglar's take loot
Caterers' dispensers urns
Clean up, in a way edit
Closed tightly shut
Coin ceremony toss
Competed in sprints, say rantrack
Drains of energy saps
Drought enders rains
Dump truck unit load
Fish in a zen garden koi
Flea and fly, for two pests
Fleming who created 24-Across ian
Fully equipped set
Golden years fund nestegg
Hands-over-eyes question guesswho
Hasbro action figure gijoe
Hockey thugs goons
Home of Iowa State ames
Jenner of reality TV kris
Lifeline's location palm
Like noble gases inert
Like thrift shop items used
Litany of to-do items laundrylist
Lugosi's 'Son of Frankenstein' role ygor
Many scoutmasters dads
Marching insect ant
Move in the breeze sway
Name in athletic footwear skechers
Negotiations leeway wiggleroom
Not quite 3-Down ajar
Note in lieu of chips iou
Old-maidish prim
One-eyed Norse god odin
Otherworldly glow aura
Overtime cause tie
Parkland measure acre
Paternity test material dna
Pawn shop sign trio balls
Pebble Beach's front and back nines
Pride parade letters lgbt
Royal Caribbean, e.g cruiseline
Runs like a tuned engine purrs
Russo of 'Ransom' rene
School where students earn belts dojo
Seasonal mall hires santas
Second-largest direct-sales company avon
Sheltered inlets coves
Sit for an art class pose
Slyboots's trait guile
Some almanac entries adages
Strauss of denim levi
Tart apples, for short macs
Thumb-in-the-air call out
Tiny building block atom
Totally at sea lost
Two-hands-up time noon
Unlikely, as odds slim
Water polo spot pool
White ___ (random signal) noise
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