How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 03 2019

'BUtterfield 8' novelist John ohara
'Freedom ___ free' isnt
'The Evil Empire' (Abbr.) ussr
'Yoo-hoo!' hey
'You said it!' amen
1939 Blitzkrieg site poland
2011 U.S. Open winner McIlroy rory
A whole bunch scads
Add a rider to, say amend
Added stipulations ands
Alley cat, e.g stray
Antioxidant berry acai
Apply carelessly, with 'on' slap
Barely sufficient scant
Berry of 'Cloud Atlas' halle
Big bruiser ape
Blink of an eye splitsecond
Bolts from the blue surprises
Brazen boldness gall
Carpenter's gun ammo nails
Collegian's unit credithour
Creme-filled snacks oreos
D-Day beach omaha
Dance like a punk rocker mosh
Did a slow burn smoldered
Don't just sit there act
Dump, in a way sell
Dundee damsel lass
Eye up and down ogle
Florists' cuttings stems
Forced chuckle heh
Ginger or Sporty of pop music spice
Give a wide berth to avoid
Glued to the tube, say rapt
Guernsey greeting moo
Hatcher of 'Lois & Clark' teri
Hide-hair connector nor
Huge crowds throngs
Image on an Angels cap halo
In an offbeat way oddly
Informed on, with 'out' ratted
It may be bridged gap
Just sitting there idle
Like Christmas Eve shopping lastminute
Like Tim Cratchit tiny
Long-running CBS forensic drama csi
Lose at a pencil-and-paper word game hang
Luau strings, for short uke
Mime Marcel marceau
Motown genre soul
Musician's acuity ear
NFL mascot Poe, e.g raven
Ninth-inning excitement, maybe rally
Not at all stuffy airy
Not made up true
Not made up real
NYE part eve
Oldest Smurf papa
One of the Kennedy clan ted
Pageant accessory sash
Penitent time lent
Personality component ego
Prima donna's delivery aria
Rock climber's challenge crag
Scones go-with tea
Solo in 'Star Wars' han
Steam engine workers stokers
Symptom of some bites itch
Tuxedo parts vests
Unofficial start of summer memorialday
Vending machine inserts ones
We all have one past
Weakling's antithesis heman
With the bow, musically arco
Without an escort stag
Without an escort alone
Without toppings plain
Wrestler's repertoire holds
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