How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 02 2019

'A Taste of Honey' trumpeter herbalpert
'Can't deny that' true
'I did it!' tada
'See ya, bro' laterman
'Such is life' ohwell
'That's a riot!' haha
Act coquettish to tease
Affix, as a patch sewon
Another helping of more
Aromatherapy spot spa
Be a sad sack mope
Big name in bicycles trek
Buy, then resell quickly flip
Capitol Hill helper aide
Celestial circles halos
Clarinetist Artie shaw
Clicked on, say selected
Comstock find lode
Confessed, with 'up' owned
Cruet filler oil
Cuban currency peso
Deals with jet lag, perhaps naps
Don't take off stay
Eye black reduces it glare
Fan club fave idol
Feeling ho-hum bored
Flower in Van Gogh paintings iris
From way back when ageold
From way back when once
Gavel-pounder's word sold
Gourmet chef's condiment seasalt
Harmless prank lark
Heaven-sent food manna
Heckelphone kin oboe
Idi Amin's land uganda
In short supply rare
Invoice stamp paid
Is desperate for needs
Jeans go-with, often tee
La Scala highlight aria
Lady's mate lord
Leaves wide-eyed awes
Like tabloid headlines lurid
Make less stringent ease
Makes off with takes
Not in the dark aware
Obtained, as protection money extorted
Page with viewpoints oped
Pastor's signoff amen
Place to hibernate lair
Play at maximum volume blast
Political matriarch from Boston rosekennedy
Presenter's aid easel
Provides a fake alibi for, say abets
Reactor parts cores
Rude dude cad
Scepter's mate orb
Show curiosity ask
Shows the ropes to orients
Smartphone display time
Snow boots' features treads
Spectrum gradation hue
Spot for a stud lobe
The Who's 'My Generation,' e.g rockanthem
Tin can eater in cartoons goat
Tippy-top acme
Tippy-top apex
Took a shine to liked
Transport with runners sled
Traveled like a lob arced
Treatment offered at a 51-Across peel
Tree enjoyed by leaf-peepers maple
Trim, as expenses pare
Veggie for pickling cuke
Walk-on roles bitparts
Woodstock-era slogan flowerpower
World Series sextet, for short umps
WPM part per
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