How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 01 2003

". . . a little tom-___ sang . . ." TIT
"And ___ we go!" AWAY
"Camptown Races" syllable DAH
"Conquest of Space" writer Willy LEY
"I'm a Ramblin' Wreck From Georgia ___" TECH
"Legally Blonde" character ELLE
"M*A*S*H" cops MPS
"That's what happens when you don't listen!" SEE
"The ___ of Amontillado" CASK
"___ and Ale" CAKES
1/8 of a byte BIT
Africa republic MALI
Alcove NOOK
Assert without proof ALLEGE
Australia's largest city SYDNEY
Bad blood ENMITY
Banana top STEM
Barnum's exit EGRESS
Big Easy team SAINTS
Big-time talker OPRAH
Bizarre ODD
Blaze remnant ASH
Botanical burn salve ALOE
Bring to justice TRY
California city, county or river NAPA
Certain inbox filler SPAM
Change magazines, e.g. RELOAD
Circus prop STILT
Cliff-base debris SCREE
Coastal raptor ERNE
Cole or Turner NAT
Compliant words YESES
Confront boldly ACCOST
Corrida cheer OLE
Countenance ALLOW
Cousin of et al. ETC
Darkens, as type BOLDS
Demonstrate SHOW
Desirable quality PLUS
Did the hokey pokey DANCED
Did Time? READ
Dieter's place of reckoning SCALE
Does a checker's chore BAGS
Ear bones also called hammers MALLEI
Easter or Christmas issuance SEAL
Emmy winner Delany DANA
Emmy winner Perlman RHEA
Emulates a notable Thomas DOUBTS
Ernie the pro golfer ELS
Evian water? EAU
Feeling when apartments are scarce? RENTALANGUISH
Finishes a hole PUTTS
Fire engine's wail SIREN
First-quarter moon tide NEAP
Flew alone SOLOED
Foe of G.I. Joe COBRA
Formally register an opinion VOTE
Friend in a fray ALLY
Furbys and pet rocks FADS
Garfield's girlfriend ARLENE
Gila monster's weapon VENOM
Glowing gas NEON
Government agcy. est. in 1970 EPA
Has done some laps SWUM
Heroin, in slang SCAG
Hispanic dance music SALSA
Historic caravel NINA
Hot pot, e.g. STEW
Hour on a grandfather clock VIII
Humble in spirit MEEK
Ice and Iron AGES
Iniquitous places DENS
It can make a molehill out of a mountain TNT
It might give you chills FLU
It's credited ROLE
It's spent in Spain DINERO
Kappa preceder IOTA
Kind of pen STATE
Kind of sheet RAP
L.A.-NYC flight path ENE
Last month of the Jewish calendar ELUL
Libertines RAKES
Like flowers in spring ABLOOM
Literary genre ROMANCE
Made ecstatic SENT
Maline NET
Mineo or Maglie SAL
Miner profits? ORES
Monogram of 1948 Nobel winner for literature TSE
Monopoly avenue TENNESSEE
More difficult to chew, in a way GRISTLIER
Newman or Redford in "The Sting" CONMAN
Nightmare street ELM
No-win situation? TIE
Occipita locales HEADS
Old sorcerer MAGE
Olds' old car REO
One of 12 at support meetings STEP
Optimists have it HOPE
Our Uncle SAM
Out-of-the-way place NOOK
Outer limit END
Paintings and such ART
Part of MVP MOST
Pertaining to birth NATAL
Physicist's study ENERGY
Places for small boats PONDS
Plant of the umbel family ANISE
Plummet's reverse SOAR
Poker choice PASS
Princess Fiona in "Shrek," e.g. OGRESS
Protective wall PARAPET
Protrudes, in a way BULGESOUT
Rattled weapon? SABER
Result of an apartment hunter's malfunction? RENTALBREAKDOWN
Result of losing one's lease? RENTALBREAKDOWN
Santa ___ winds ANA
Set straight AMEND
Short and thick STUBBY
Slanted, as news SPUN
Some are made from mud PIES
Something to heave SIGH
Sometimes it's not taken ROAD
Source of exotic meat EMU
Spain's English queen ENA
Special gift for apartment hunters? RENTALTELEPATHY
Sprinkle around STREW
Squeeze (out) EKE
Staff associate? ROD
Stopped acting like a child GREWUP
Studio sign ONAIR
Surprised AGOG
Therefore or therefrom THENCE
Thespian's platform STAGE
They may pop on planes EARS
They're sometimes kept behind bars SODAS
Thoroughly soak DRENCH
Three sheets to the wind LIT
Timeline portion ERA
Times to remember DATES
Treaty associate ALLY
Trojan warrior PARIS
Two-way poetic preposition ERE
Unassertive SHY
Unsteady ROCKY
Unsuccessful apartment hunter's feeling? RENTALANGUISH
Useful gift when looking for an apartment? RENTALTELEPATHY
Water-carrying pipe material PVC
Wish it weren't so RUE
Word with bred or will ILL
Zillions of years EONS
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