How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 31 2019

'Dad bod' feature flab
'Get a move on!' hurry
'Not ___ shabby!' too
'The Golden Girls' star bettywhite
'The Man of a Thousand Voices' richlittle
'___ I a stinker?' aint
A nephew of Donald Duck huey
Advice to a sinner atone
Akita's land japan
Anti-organized-crime law, briefly rico
Aries-Taurus border, e.g cusp
Be overfond of, with 'on' dote
Brings in, as profits reaps
Brit's baby buggy pram
Casino action bets
Cave effect echo
Chopped into bits hashed
Color commentator's factoid stat
Component of brass zinc
Digital companion virtualpet
Edit further, perhaps recut
Epidermal opening pore
Far from 24-Across burly
Fat in mincemeat recipes suet
Fraternity initiation, e.g rite
Friends in the neighborhood, slangily homeys
Giving one's notice quitting
Having a shouting match, say atit
High-decibel noisy
Impulse-carrying cells neurons
Is remorseful feelsbad
Isle where Macbeth is buried iona
It's taken at the wrist pulse
Like a boomer's birthdate postwar
Like a dive bar seedy
Like river sediment silty
Lime juice component citricacid
Living doll cutie
Machine gun placement nest
Many a fishing venue lake
Moccasin or mule shoe
Moves like an anaconda slithers
Muscles opposite hamstrings quads
Nightie trim lace
Not in the distant past recent
Number on a foam finger one
Octet in Monopoly tokens
Oscar Madison, e.g slob
Paint swatch option hue
Patty and Selma, to Bart aunts
Perform with great skill excel
Post-prizefight feeling ache
Prefix with freak or friendly eco
Programmable button preset
Puts in the fridge cools
Rebuke to Brutus ettu
Red Monopoly piece hotel
Run with an easy gait lope
Satisfied the munchies ate
Satori-seeking discipline zen
Sharing an ancestry akin
Six-legged colonist ant
Snoozers' spots beds
Some aromatherapy fluids bathoils
Starbucks offering, informally java
Talent show features acts
Tang directions word stir
Tavern round beers
Trendy smoothie flavor acai
Trial figure (Abbr.) atty
Turnpike ticket listings exits
Unhealthily thin bony
Unit pricing term per
Water collector sump
What emojis indicate mood
Wheaties bits flakes
Words ending in '-phobia,' often fears
Wounds at a corrida gores
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