How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 30 2012

"Don't leave home without it" card (Abbr.) AMEX
"I Love Lucy" name ETHEL
"Not a moment ___ soon!" TOO
"Potpourri for a thousand, ___" ALEX
"Rant" partner RAVE
"Wheel of Fortune" option SPIN
"___ a good note" ENDON
1990s Toyotas PASEOS
A and B, on LPs SIDES
Accomplished, biblically DIDST
Acre resident ISRAELI
Ambulance chaser's advice SUE
Asset for an inventor IDEA
Assume for argument's sake POSIT
Awl or saw, e.g TOOL
Barely make it across the field? STREAK
Battleship success HIT
Behaves theatrically EMOTES
Borrower's note IOU
Breathtaking condition? ASTHMA
Butter substitutes OLEOS
Causing a ruckus NOISY
Certain rattlesnake DIAMONDBACK
City on the Saône and Rhone LYONS
Class that might have a lab SCIENCE
Cleopatra's biter ASP
Corbeled-out window ORIEL
Crafts partner ARTS
Docile marine mammal SEACOW
Get ready for kickoff TEEUP
Greek letter after sigma TAU
Hammer and anvil site EAR
Head-shaking responses NOES
Hullabaloos TODOS
It's often served with ginger and wasabi SUSHI
Jogger's malady ACHE
John Wayne title marshal CAHILL
Largest continent ASIA
Like a fireplace floor ASHY
Made to grip the road NONSKID
Minuscule amount IOTA
Musical note between "fa" and "la" SOL
Nationals, formerly EXPOS
Neither partner? NOR
Nerve cell impulse transmitter AXON
Oft-mistyped possessive ITS
Oohs and ___ AHS
Opposite of sell BUY
Owns HAS
Poisonous brown snake COPPERHEAD
Potter's cooker KILN
Pro ___ (in proportion) RATA
Ready alternative? NOT
Sandcastle setting SHORE
Sanders or Mustard COLONEL
Severely critical CAUSTIC
Shoemaker's helpers, in a fairy tale ELVES
Snake also known as a water moccasin COTTONMOUTH
Submarine sandwich additions, perhaps HOTS
Suffix with "claim" or "cool" ANT
Suffix with "narc" OTIC
Supermarket walkway AISLE
Symbol of royalty ORB
Table scraps ORTS
Tater SPUD
Thick head of hair MANE
Took one's turn WENT
Valued possession ASSET
Wedge-shaped mark CARET
Went "tap tap tap" on a keyboard TYPED
When the sun is highest NOONDAY
Window feature SILL
Wingless extinct bird MOA
Winter hours in NYC EST
Your dog or cat, for example PET
___ Moines River DES
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