How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 29 2009

''Guys only'' party STAG
''The King ___'' ANDI
''The Pelican Brief'' author GRISHAM
''The Raven'' author POE
''The Thin Man'' wife NORA
''___ here'' (store sign) PAY
''___ little teapot . . .'' IMA
''___ tear has to fall'' MANYA
1960s campus protest gp. SDS
Actress Skye IONE
Adventure-filled story SAGA
Animal of the genus Equus ASS
Appear SEEM
Appear for the first time DEBUT
Auto with a four-ring logo AUDI
Backpack contents GEAR
Barely achieve (with ''out'') EKE
Big name in bags GUCCI
Bobbin SPOOL
Bosc or Bartlett PEAR
Came up short OWED
Captain Queeg's creator Herman WOUK
Captive's demand LETMEGO
Comedian Charlotte and others RAES
Concerning, old-style ANENT
Creek transport CANOE
Crescent point CUSP
Crook, in cop lingo PERP
Deli machine SLICER
Detect, in a way SMELL
Diskette supplanter CDROM
Disney dog SCAMP
End of a heady quip DIDNOTHAPPEN
Extinct bird DODO
Feedbag fill OATS
Fix your eyes STARE
Formal response to ''Who's there?'' ITISI
Frenchman's ''Thanks'' MERCI
Gets in range of NEARS
Grps. that liaise with principals PTAS
Hawaiian instruments, briefly UKES
Heady quip (Part 2) GOODIREMEMBER
Heady quip (Part 3) INCIDENTSTHAT
Hood's lead-spitter GAT
It's charged in physics ION
It's examined with an otoscope EARDRUM
Japanese golfing great Isao AOKI
Kin of ''hallelujah'' HOSANNA
Lemon additive? ADE
Like a famous ranger LONE
Like some losers SORE
Mag. edition ISS
Military adversary ENEMY
Mrs. Addams, to Gomez TISH
One-time bridge ATA
Play the circuit TOUR
Request for permission MAYI
Rice-A-___ RONI
Ripen AGE
Robbery HOLDUP
Sail support SPAR
Scott Turow's first book ONEL
She's put out to pasture EWE
Shoe seller Thom MCAN
Skateboarding mogul Hawk TONY
Sleuth, informally TEC
Slippery ones EELS
Southern breakfast, sometimes GRITS
Start of a heady quip MYMEMORYISSO
Texas tea OIL
They're best kept about you WITS
Thin as ___ ARAIL
Toothpaste once advertised by Bucky Beaver IPANA
Vice President John ___ Garner NANCE
Wilderness photographer Adams ANSEL
Word on a left-turn sign, often ONLY
WWW addresses URLS
Zwei follower DREI
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