How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 25 2012

"Great" detective of children's lit NATE
"Groovy!" FAROUT
"While" lead-in ERST
Accelerates, as a hotrod REVS
Automatic advances in a tournament BYES
Basketry twig OSIER
Be in arrears OWE
Black and white cookie OREO
Blacksmith's block ANVIL
Blurbs ADS
Bovine blurts MOOS
Boyfriend BEAU
Bread or dough MOOLA
Bridle attachment BLINDER
Captain Kirk's records LOGS
Celtic worshiper DRUID
Chinese river or dynasty WEI
Closes, as a door SHUTS
Cool and distant ALOOF
Courteous bloke GENT
Developers' concerns SITES
Doctor's charge FEE
Drive-thru decision ORDER
Engaged in shenanigans UPTONOGOOD
Expenses OUTGO
Extreme sorrow, in poetry DOLOR
Forcible removal, as from office OUSTER
Gain back, as America's Cup REWIN
Geologist's layers STRATA
Gnawed around the edges EROSE
Grimm fiend OGRE
Guinness World Record adjective OLDEST
Have a suspicion SENSE
Having seen better times DOWNANDOUT
High-class flounder SOLE
Hoo-ha ADO
Hundred square meters ARE
Indian liquid butter GHEE
Inspires reverence in AWES
Jockey without a horse DISC
Knot-tying location ALTAR
Labor expert? MIDWIFE
Large lemur INDRI
Less than always OFTEN
Locks that are often picked? AFRO
Long-tailed songbird PIPIT
Love to pieces ADORE
Low-heeled, wing-tip shoe BROGUE
Mary who married Abe TODD
Metal plate used to strengthen a joist GUSSET
Old form of "you" THEE
Pageant prize TIARA
Places with lots of white robes SPAS
Popular volleyball setting BEACH
Port between Buffalo and Cleveland ERIE
Reclined LAIN
Richard of "Pretty Woman" GERE
Room at San Quentin CELL
Rowdydows TODOS
Saber handle HILT
San Antonio attraction ALAMO
Singles ONES
Some wines REDS
Sound like a snake HISS
Still-life pitcher EWER
Sufficiently skilled ABLE
Surrender, as territory CEDE
This minute RIGHTAWAY
Tupperware contents LEFTOVERS
Type of doll for revenge-seekers VOODOO
U.K. military fliers RAF
Unit of land measure ACRE
Unruly kid BRAT
Warehouse function STORAGE
Water nymphs NAIADS
Well-heeled RICH
Woodwind OBOE
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