How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 24 2015

"Nearer My God to ___" THEE
"Waking ___ Devine" (1998 film) NED
"___ and the Tramp" LADY
"___ La Douce" (MacLaine/Lemmon film) IRMA
A Gershwin brother IRA
A watched pot is never this ABOIL
Actor Stephen REA
Adam's apple location? EDEN
Alone ___ company, a la Ambrose Bierce INBAD
Anatomical pouches SACS
Aurora DAWN
Banjoist Scruggs EARL
Basic principle TENET
Beans go-with RICE
Beau and Jeff's dad LLOYD
Choice dish VIAND
Chops down HEWS
Citizen of the 29th state IOWAN
Clarinetist Shaw ARTIE
Director Ephron NORA
Emulates the Beatles DISBANDS
Glaciate ICEUP
Glacier breakaway BERG
Good name for a cook? STU
Great rating AONE
Greek colonnade STOA
Hinny's kin ASS
Immersion solutions BATHS
Indian instrument SITAR
It may be mounted JEWEL
It's blue NAVY
It's formed in your head IDEA
It's nothing at all NIL
Left with few choices ATADISADVANTAGE
Left with fewer choices (with 45-Across) BEHINDTHE
Left with no choices ALLOUTOFOPTIONS
Made haste SPED
Marvin or Remick LEE
Mexican peninsula BAJA
Microscopic SMALL
Middle name of "The Wizard of Menlo Park" ALVA
More than large HUGE
Movie segment CLIP
Multilayer thickness THREEPLY
One behind the wheel with a handle CBER
Pink-slipped AXED
Prohibit by law BAN
Pub beverages ALES
Red of firefighting fame ADAIR
Relieves, as pressure EASES
Repeating ECHOING
River in a Leutze painting DELAWARE
Romaine, e.g LETTUCE
Sang, Swiss Alps-style YODELED
School-store supplies BINDERS
See 33-Across EIGHTBALL
Seemingly limitless VAST
Sheepish cry BAA
Shogun sash OBI
Short, descriptive poem (var.) IDYL
Shrinking Asian sea ARAL
Small duck TEAL
Smidgen TAD
Spearlike weapon LANCE
Split personalities? EXES
Stir turbulently ROIL
Strapped for cash SHORT
Suburb of Los Angeles GLENDALE
Take off in all directions SCATTER
Tie the knot WED
Tolerate ABIDE
Took measures ACTED
Tune for two DUET
U.S. govt. agency FDA
Unemotional STOIC
View from the deck, perhaps SEA
Word with age or Race SPACE
Word with pride or duty CIVIC
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