How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 23 2015

"But of course!" AHA
"Have a nice ___!" DAY
"Is that all right with you?" OKAY
"___ before beauty" AGE
30-day month APRIL
A photo finish MATTE
Active start? HYPER
Adjective for black JET
African city DARESSALAAM
Ant, old-style EMMET
Atwitter (with "up") KEYED
Basic monetary unit of Denmark KRONE
Basker's reward TAN
Bishop's topper MITER
Can composition TIN
Checks for fit TRIESON
Chinese official's residence YAMEN
Confirms, as a password REENTERS
Dating celebrities ITEM
Diamond rain gear, for short TARP
Dir. on a compass ENE
Dupe or sucker SAP
EPA-banned pesticide DDT
Fabricated MADEUP
Famous code developer MORSE
Fastening pin COTTER
Gridiron judge REF
Hawaiian Island chain? LEI
It makes ink pink PEE
Japanese unit of money YEN
Lacking required skills INEPT
Large African animal RHINO
Lawn component SOD
Layered cookies OREOS
Like have-nots NEEDY
Like many marathon winners KENYAN
Like the Gobi DRY
Lower oneself? STOOP
Make doilies TAT
Male hormone ANDROGEN
March site for Dr. King SELMA
Marriage agreement? IDO
Memorable time ERA
Mideast drink made from fermented milk KEFIR
Minor quake TREMOR
Moll Flanders creator DANIELDEFOE
Not hold one's tongue YAP
Overwhelm with amusement SLAY
Partner of raves RANTS
PC display type CRT
Pertaining to wings (var.) ALARY
Print widths ENS
Put on exhibit DISPLAY
Safe haven ASYLUM
Sermonize PREACH
Shun, as responsibility EVADE
Solid caustic LYE
Something nice to look at EYEFUL
Tenure, on Broadway RUN
They're all the rage IRES
They're not paying attention DAYDREAMERS
Thin lab tube PIPETTE
Thing taken at a deli? SUBORDER
Throw overboard JETTISON
Tokyo of old EDO
Transpire OCCUR
Tropical jam fruit GUAVA
U.S. legislative building CAPITOL
Visions you sleep through? DREAMS
Weapon for Patton TANK
What an air ball misses RIM
What ships carry CARGO
What some farmers raise DAIRYCATTLE
Women's ___ LIB
Word with "circus" or "center" MEDIA
___ Grande RIO
___ mode ALA
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