How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 21 2019

'Mars Attacks!' attackers, briefly ets
'No seats' letters sro
'R.U.R.' playwright Karel capek
'That explains it' isee
'The Voice' coach Levine adam
Apple Watch download app
Ball honoree belle
Blanchett of 'Ocean's 8' cate
Bovine, to a tot moocow
Cautionary signal in soccer yellowcard
Cold sufferer's sounds sniffles
Colorful Easter treats jellybeans
Comic Schumer amy
Courier typeface feature serif
Crimea summit site of 1945 yalta
Cruise ship areas decks
Damsel abductor of folklore ogre
Deceitful sort liar
Defensive ditches moats
Disguised, as a threat veiled
Dormitory desk item lamp
Dumpling in a wonton shell potsticker
Fabric shop roll bolt
Feel the same agree
Flow like maple sap ooze
Former boxing champ Laila ali
Garbage bag brand glad
Glaceau Smartwater competitor evian
Household expenses upkeep
It's boosted when it's stroked ego
Jabs with a cattle prod goads
John Deere's deer is part of one logo
Like smoking on a plane banned
Lion's weapon claw
Makes less nervous calms
Mane makeup hair
Maneuver effortlessly ease
MASH beds cots
More desirable to surfers, perhaps wavier
Morsel for a macaw seed
Music player that comes in space gray ipod
Mystery author Paretsky sara
Narrow-waisted stinger wasp
Not quite closed ajar
Old Testament book before Nehemiah ezra
Olive's shape oval
Pen name, e.g alias
Petting zoo animal pony
Pig farm fare slop
Piquant dip salsa
Plumb crazy loco
Portraitist's prop easel
Propels, as a trireme rows
Putt measurement unit foot
Quiz show quizzer emcee
Rare 'Jeopardy!' outcome tie
Respond well to medical care heal
Reusable groceries holder totebag
River-sea link estuary
Sand trap tool rake
Seek alms beg
Sign of a faulty washer drip
Snack with a corn-based shell taco
Spending for political pet projects porkbarrel
State boldly avow
Sticky-tongued amphibian toad
Suitcases for overnighters valises
Suspect, in police lingo perp
Sweeping camera shot pan
The Seychelles' 115 isles
Understood by few arcane
Update the decor of redo
Vampire movie flyers bats
Vietnam neighbor laos
Voices, as grievances airs
Wearer of 'new clothes,' in folklore emperor
Women's swimsuit option twopiece
Yelp review symbol star
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