How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 21 2016

"Barring that . . ." IFNOT
"Beetle Bailey" creator Walker MORT
"Chi" lead-in TAI
"Golden touch" king MIDAS
"Goodness gracious!" EGAD
"Jumpin' Jack flash, it's ___ . . ." AGAS
"Open sesame" speaker ALI
"Say ___" (doctor's order) AAH
"Stop talking!" SHH
"The Biggest Loser" network NBC
"Truth" alternative DARE
"___ in victory" (elementary lesson) VAS
1,051, in Roman numerals MLI
36 inches YARD
Absolutely ridiculous INANE
Adam, to the animals NAMER
Africa's tallest creature GIRAFFE
And so forth (Abbr.) ETC
Ant, old-style EMMET
Artist's prop EASEL
Back of a boat STERN
Bambi's mother DOE
Bard's Muse ERATO
Basketball "stadium" ARENA
Can't stand HATES
Coiled and curly TWIRLY
Collects abundantly, as profits RAKESIN
Daily current events NEWS
Eggs, to a biologist OVA
Engraved fabric MOIRE
Ewe'll be there? LEA
Fail at losing WIN
Fearful AFRAID
Gave some stars to RATED
Get a party going BREAKTHEICE
Get ___ of (trash) RID
Hand-raiser's cry, in grade school MEME
Headlight setting DIM
Heavy hammers MAULS
Henry's last Catherine PARR
Hide ___ hair NOR
Historian's recollections DATES
Hobby shop wood BALSA
Hollywood giants? EGOS
Honeybun DEARY
How a babe does things NAIVELY
Interpret, as tea leaves READ
Introduction to math? AFTER
Iraqi city near the Persian Gulf BASRA
Kind of religion, in song OLDTIME
Light-gauge fencing material CHICKENWIRE
Like an airhead DITSY
Lymph ___ NODES
Magnetic flux unit GAUSS
Nebraska waterway PLATTE
Noah's craft ARK
Not-so-new workers REHIRES
Ones at war ENEMIES
Part of a tennis court NET
PC button ESC
Perignon, for one DOM
Perpetrator FELON
Picture holder FRAME
Plane measure SPAN
Played the nanny BABYSAT
Poem of homage ODE
Predatory seabird SKUA
Reader's place-marker DOGEAR
Running a high temperature FEVERRIDDEN
Standard of excellence IDEAL
Swing or Victorian, e.g ERA
Tooth type MOLAR
Type of mushroom MOREL
Visually teasing painting style OPART
Wheeled shoe ROLLERSKATE
Wounds HURTS
___ long (poetic "soon") ERE
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