How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 19 2010

". . . and children of all ___!" AGES
"All's ___ in love and war" FAIR
"An Iceland Fisherman" author Pierre LOTI
"Anytown, ___" USA
"Doggone!" relatives DRATS
"Employees ___" (store sign) ONLY
"Lemon" fish SOLE
"Mi ___ es su . . ." CASA
"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" option LIFELINE
112.5 degrees from S ENE
A sitter employs one CHAIR
Addictive narcotic OPIUM
Adjective for "Beowulf" EPICAL
American dogwood OSIER
Anastasia's daddy, for one TSAR
Annual Kentucky horse race DERBY
At the summit of ATOP
Baked dish PIE
Ball bearer TEE
Banded metamorphic rock GNEISS
Become enamored FALLINLOVE
Bird beak NEB
Black cat, some think OMEN
Blubber SOB
Break sharply SNAP
Broadway great Merman ETHEL
Child's offense SASS
Child's one-pieces ROMPERS
Child's vacation place SUMMERCAMP
Chip served with salsa NACHO
Church engagement announcement BANNS
Computer command symbol ICON
Concerning this, in legalspeak HEREOF
Deli fixture SLICER
Didn't keep mum TOLD
Disorder characterized by seizures EPILEPSY
Do in many an '80s yearbook photo PERM
Focal device LENS
French automaker RENAULT
Gas burner used in laboratories ETNA
Glacial ridge ARETE
Gone by, as time ELAPSED
Hatter's mental state? MAD
Homegrown NATIVE
Honeymoon spoilers SPATS
Initiates litigation SUES
Italian's heavenly music-maker ARPA
Jumping-off place? SPRINGBOARD
Made it to the ground safely ALIT
Make a pig of oneself GORGE
Mead interviewee SAMOAN
Much/much separator TOO
Newspaper bigwig EDITOR
Non-PC suffix ESS
Norma Rae's goal UNION
Oater cast, mostly MEN
Old Venetian coin DUCAT
Pajama halves TOPS
Palindromic principle TENET
Quality producing taste SAPOR
Rose-colored dye EOSIN
Serving no purpose OTIOSE
Shake an Etch A Sketch, e.g. ERASE
Shakespeare play, with "The" WINTERSTALE
Shoreline breaker INLET
Small and then some TINY
Small, armed warship GUNBOAT
South American tuber OCA
State's chief exec. GOV
Test runs BETAS
They're against all odds? EVENS
Time piece, briefly MIN
Trio visiting Jesus MAGI
Where to see the sites WEB
Whole slew SCAD
Word with "curling" or "shooting" IRON
___ Faithful OLD
___ Grande RIO
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