How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 14 2019

'Ain't happenin'!' nah
'Big Blue' ibm
'In-betweener' Pontiac model grandam
'It follows . . .' ergo
'M*A*S*H' soda brand nehi
'Toy Story' sheriff woody
Accident prevention org osha
Aerialist's safety gear net
Arthurian paradise avalon
B-17 or B-29 bomberplane
Bad dancer on 'Seinfeld' elaine
Be out of sorts ail
Be the cause of induce
Beverage from southwest France bordeauxwine
Complete range gamut
Craven's nightmarish street elm
Cry one's eyes out bawl
Cuddly 'Star Wars' creature ewok
Dessert wedge pie
Diminutive, in rap names lil
Drawer of the short straw loser
Duster's need rag
Expect eagerly await
Extremely, slangily mondo
Feline's four paws
Fit to be tried sane
Florida senator Marco rubio
Four-page sheet folio
Geologic time period eon
Have yet to pony up owe
Hill of 'Moneyball' jonah
How 'the cheese stands' alone
In better condition, to a coin collector finer
In the loop aware
Industrious sort busybee
Inserted coins into fed
Its lot is the scene of tailgate parties arena
Joy of 'The View' behar
Karan of fashion donna
Landlocked African land mali
Latin word on U.S. coins unum
Launderers' appliances irons
Like sucralose's taste sweet
Lionel train purchase set
Lose a staring contest blink
Many a Mecca native arab
Massachusetts cape ann
Novel on a Kindle, e.g ebook
Number in first-sequel titles two
Outward appearance mien
Parlor artist's pic tat
Place to score a turkey bowlinglane
Proofreader's copy draft
Puts out of sorts irks
Puzzle with pictures rebus
React to an injection, perhaps wince
Rust or laughing gas, chemically oxide
Salk contemporary sabin
Schiller's '___ to Joy' ode
Sharp left from Ali jab
Sitting atop upon
Snapchat participant user
Sponsors' spots ads
Sport with clay targets skeet
Staple in Cajun fare okra
Start to stink, perhaps rot
Steed stopper rein
Stud farm operator breeder
The thing hanging from your palate uvula
Thunderstruck emotion awe
Vice president who resigned agnew
Volcano near Palermo etna
Way to read or think aloud
Where states meet boundaryline
White weasel ermine
Wonder Woman, e.g heroine
Words to an old chap isay
Zingers at roasts barbs
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