How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 14 2016

". . . of ___ I sing" THEE
"Fee, fi, fo, fum" speakers OGRES
"How ___ I to know?" WAS
"___ just me, or . . ." ISIT
"___-Team" THEA
Abbreviated quantity AMT
Affectionate greeting KISS
Authoritative edict UKASE
Bean Town team, informally CELTS
Become harder to see FADE
Before, in palindromes ERE
Bell-shaped flower SEGO
Big bother ADO
Carpentry fastener WOODSCREW
Casual eatery BISTRO
Catania's volcano ETNA
Classic wash basin item EWER
Coffee, the milky way LATTE
Colony crawler ANT
Cut, as limbs LOP
Derogatory, as remarks SNIDE
Enthusiastic, and then some GAGA
Fever symptom AGUE
Folklore dwarf GNOME
Foxy SLY
Fruit tree's enemy APHID
Get the picture? SHOOT
Half a Latin dance CHA
Inmate's hope PAROLE
Involuntary twitches TICS
Kind of drive CDROM
Lay the groundwork for INSTITUTE
Legal gambling site RENO
Lift up in spirit ELATE
Linguine and fettucine PASTA
Long-eared animal HARE
Long-necked Indian instrument SITAR
Minuscule amounts IOTAS
Noxious emissions FUMES
Observe Thanksgiving DINE
One left holding the bag? TOTER
Pharaoh's land EGYPT
Playful mimicking APERY
Proud American's phrase ITSAFREECOUNTRY
Provide an alibi TRYTOBEATTHERAP
Razor-billed bird AUK
Reach an accord AGREE
Red ink amount LOSS
Rice Burroughs or Allan Poe EDGAR
San Antonio cager SPUR
Scottish noble THANE
Sentimental tripe GOO
Slangy negative NOPE
Slow-paced POKY
Still in the original package UNUSED
Storage building SHED
Student's scribblings NOTES
Take back a comment UNSAY
Take it on the lam FLEE
Tastiness SAPOR
They don't just sit around DOERS
They may be slaked THIRSTS
Tuber with eyes SPUD
Type of dog? BAD
Utterly senseless person IDIOT
Wingtip's tip TOE
Without originality TRITELY
Word with "spoon" or "bag" TEA
Written composition ESSAY
Yields a return PAYS
You could make a "meal" of it OAT
Young hogs (var.) SHOTES
Yuletide leapers LORDS
___ helmet (safari wear) PITH
___ poor example SETA
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