How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 11 2019

'Don't be so rough!' easy
'Gil ___' (Lesage novel) blas
'Godzilla,' notably monstermovie
Aerial sources of traffic videos skycams
Archie and his friends, e.g teens
Birds on Australian stamps emus
Blue areas in atlases seas
Bouncy tunes lilts
Braggart's trait ego
Brainiac's opposite dolt
Capitol Hill runner aide
Car salesman's milieu lot
Carries a balance of owes
Chart showing one's roots tree
Civil blokes gents
Coarse woolen clothing tweeds
Cooking Channel figure chef
Crafts a quilt sews
Cries one's eyes out bawls
Cyber Monday sales, e.g etail
Deal go-between agent
Defect-ridden cars lemons
Demolition stick tnt
Displays 59-Down getsmad
Edible portion of carob seedpod
Egg farm denizens hens
Fryer filler oil
Having terrific luck onastreak
Honeydew or casaba wintermelon
Hosing down wetting
Hothead's emotion ire
In bygone days ago
In need of darning torn
In the style of ala
Irreparable state ruin
Is victorious over bests
Its pages aren't turned ebook
Japanese ceremonial brew tea
Jared of 'Suicide Squad' leto
Junkyard wares scrap
Kala the ape, to Tarzan fostermother
Lofty lines ode
Make amends atone
Make like a motormouth yak
Mount Rushmore surname roosevelt
Move in the breeze sway
Not a single soul noone
Org. that sticks to its guns nra
Part of a quarter note stem
Period named for a music genre era
Prescription units doses
Realm unseen by standard search engines deepweb
Responded to a court claim pled
Reynolds who portrayed Bandit burt
S&L offerings iras
Scoped out before a robbery cased
Seance sound rap
Showing no fear gutsy
Sidekick of early TV tonto
Simon & Garfunkel et al duos
Snooze later than usual sleepin
Sob story's theme woe
Soda aisle option cola
Spotlights' output beams
Stag's mate doe
Stately shaders elms
Take testimony from hear
The boards, to an actor stage
Thurber's daydreamer waltermitty
Touchdown guess, briefly eta
Tyler of 'The Leftovers' liv
Typical Disney Junior watcher tot
Unable to relax tense
Wader with a curved bill ibis
Waits for a green light, say idles
Weather map symbol cloud
What you're trying to do now solve
Wrote 'it's' instead of 'its,' say erred
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