How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 09 2018

"For shame!" tsk
"Just the Way You Are" singer Bruno mars
"Makes sense to me" isee
"Over my dead body!" never
"Purebred clown," to Garfield odie
"That's a shame" howsad
"The Big Board" of Wall St nyse
Alternative to skim or 2 percent whole
Arena level tier
Big-billed water birds pelicans
Big-eared leaper hare
Bradbury of sci-fi ray
Canada's national tree maple
Change, as some of these clues edit
Checkroom items coats
Classic car named for a Ford edsel
Conga formation line
Counter in the center of a kitchen island
Didn't give way held
Dugout rack contents bats
Enjoy King or Koontz read
Evangelist with TV "Crusades" billygraham
Fabulist who created speaking animals aesop
Financially secure set
Furtive "Hey, you!" psst
Gem-producing mollusk pearloyster
Give a shellacking to defeat
Grist for the rumor mill hearsay
Highlander's family clan
Home on a limb nest
Home to most of Turkey asia
Kentucky senator Paul rand
Key under Caps Lock shift
Kim's half of Korea north
Lacking enough money shy
Las Vegas wedding site chapel
Lender's security lien
Lightbulb, in comics idea
Like a ghost town desolate
List shortener, briefly etal
Many a summer job holder teen
Model in a bottle ship
Mountain goat's perch crag
Needing a rubdown, say achy
Nerve-wracking exam, for some oral
Nile Delta vipers asps
No longer in dated
Oenophile's love wine
Pests at kennels fleas
Pilaf base rice
Place to graze lea
Place to picnic park
Places for peepholes doors
Proper's partner prim
Prospector's mule, e.g packanimal
Pub offering ale
Put on alert warn
Ravioli filling, sometimes meat
Reason to board the team bus awaygame
Reduction of military strength drawdown
Respond to reveille arise
Rigatoni alternative penne
Smokehouse wares hams
Soothe, as fears allay
Sunkist or Fanta offering orangesoda
Tango move dip
TD callers refs
Texting button send
The lyrical Gershwin ira
Tony or Hugo award
Trees yielding archery bow wood yews
Upper crust elite
Uses bleach on whitens
Visitor to a salt lick deer
Went into the deep end, perhaps dove
West Coast grape region napa
Without peer alone
Word with strip or skirt steak
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