How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 09 2013

"American" or "Foreign" follower LEGION
"Ho ho ho" crier SANTA
"The Grapes of Wrath" migrant OKIE
"The Terminator" character Connor SARAH
"Wheel of Fortune" option SPIN
"___ go bragh!" ERIN
17th Greek letter RHO
A rung on the ladder of life STEPPINGSTONE
Abrasive tool RASP
Advance from a shark LOAN
Advanced math course, briefly CALC
Attendance fig., often EST
Bagel seed SESAME
Ballroom glide CHASSE
Baseball threesome OUTS
Be beholden to OWE
Beverage with a bouquet WINE
Beyond dry SERE
Bottle cap remover OPENER
Brand of jeans LEES
Bring comfort to SOOTHE
Broke poker player's promise IOU
Coastal-flying eagle ERNE
Coating of frost HOAR
Cold-weather coat RIME
Conditional contract provision ESCALATORCLAUSE
Court violation CONTEMPT
Devotional bench PRIEDIEU
Dillinger chaser GMAN
Diplomatic agents ENVOYS
Discussion group PANEL
Essential ___ acids AMINO
Fingerprint made visible by dusting LATENT
Flightless South American birds RHEAS
Foster film "Little Man ___" TATE
From nature, not nurture INNATE
Has a strong craving LONGS
Height enhancers ELEVATORSHOES
Highly reliable evidence DNA
Inclined to fidget ANTSY
Indian wraparound SARI
Japanese port in Honshu OSAKA
LAX landing approximation ETA
Like some ties CLIPON
Longbow wood YEW
Low-cost stopover HOSTEL
Made with needle and thread SEWN
Main blood lines AORTAS
Maritime distress call SOS
Military org. on campus ROTC
Negative words NOES
Payments to landlords RENTS
Pocket-protector sporter, stereotypically NERD
Polite interruption AHEM
Prayer finisher AMEN
Pretentious ARTY
Public disturbance RIOT
Reach for the light switch in the dark GROPE
Result of counting sheep, perhaps SLEEP
Shrimp snare NET
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Something to raise at poker ANTE
Spot for an overnight stop INN
Spreadsheet pro CPA
Stand for a painting EASEL
Three-piece ensemble TRIO
Tibetan legends YETIS
Tip-___ TOE
Two halves ONE
Underground vault CRYPT
Where socks are exchanged RING
Whimsically humorous DROLL
Wish for something HOPE
Witty reply RETORT
Word seen between surnames NEE
Word with "track" or "swap" MEET
___ qua non SINE
___-tat (snare drum sound) RATA
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