How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 05 2019

'Beloved' novelist Morrison toni
'Ben-Hur' or 'Troy' epic
'Talk Radio' playwright Bogosian eric
'___ fair in love . . .' alls
'___ the season . . .' tis
Abel who discovered New Zealand tasman
Abrupt dissolution, as of a partnership untimelyend
Add bling to adorn
Afternoon receptions teas
Airport queue vehicle cab
Any of the Ivies school
Arboreal dwelling nest
At lunch, say out
Be sweet on adore
Berry of 'Cloud Atlas' halle
Big fuss ado
Brian who co-wrote 'Heroes' with David Bowie eno
Bridge support truss
Cafeteria carrier tray
Catchy part of a pop tune hook
Cockpit readings altitudes
Common sign during a 1973 shortage nogas
Cookie with flower designs oreo
Crunchy lunch, for short blt
Debaters' focus topic
Deles' opposites stets
Engage in a cover-up, perhaps lie
Fall off, as popularity erode
Find attractive like
Force out of office oust
Go ___ (flip out) ape
Grunts and groans noises
Gumbo veggie okra
High-speed scene chase
In short supply scant
John on the Mayflower alden
Johnny, the 'Man in Black' cash
Lange of 'Crashing' artie
Lap dog, informally peke
Long-winded sort blatherer
Minuscule amounts iotas
Mix with a swizzle stick stir
Part of a drummer's kit hihat
Pencil-and-paper game dots
Places to buy, sell and trade marts
Places to graze leas
Plant with fronds fern
Plaything that's skipped rope
Plead innocent to deny
Pursuers of AWOLs mps
Quinn of 'Elementary' aidan
Racetrack nail-biter photofinish
Rap sheet letters aka
RAV4 automaker toyota
Riverbank frolicker otter
Robert who played Quint shaw
Rooms with recliners, often dens
Ruth's retired number three
Saintly aura halo
Salary limits caps
SAT part test
Sax smaller than a baritone tenor
Sci-fi escape vehicles pods
Sign of sorrow tear
Singer with the 2004 hit 'Burn' usher
Small town on a campaign trail whistlestop
Smelling of suds beery
Sparkling wine town asti
Suitable for cacti arid
Sycophant's reply yes
Tempter with a pitchfork satan
Tennis great Laver rod
Vertical part of a stair riser
When the NYSE bell is rung marketclose
Word in cake mix ads moist
Yes' rock genre, for short prog
___ Lee cakes sara
___-bah (pompous sort) pooh
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