How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 05 2013

"Classical" prefix NEO
"Field of Dreams" setting IOWA
"Inter" follower ALIA
"There oughta be ___!" ALAW
"___ and the Swan" (Yeats) LEDA
Abrasive board EMERY
Allege as fact AVER
Bearlike mammal PANDA
Biology 101 subject (Var.) AMEBA
Blacksmith's tool RASP
Brit's raincoat MAC
Certain heavyweight wrestler SUMO
Certain musical event RAPCONCERT
Clothes holder VALET
Costume shop offerings GARBS
Cugat's Lane ABBE
Cyclotron bit ION
Descending a mountain, in a way RAPPELLING
Face up to, as a challenge MEET
Fewer than 100 shares of stock ODDLOT
Fierce-tempered woman HARPY
Film lion ELSA
Formosa, now TAIWAN
Full of flavor SAPID
Gallery feature ART
Group of eight OCTET
Hindu "Mr." (Var.) BABOO
Hindu monk regarded as a holy man FAKIR
Historian's concern PAST
Horse with a white-sprinkled coat ROAN
John Irving's "A Prayer for ___ Meany" OWEN
Khan III or IV AGA
Lacquered JAPANNED
Lateen-rigged Arabian sailing vessel DHOW
Leonardo's subject MONA
Limpid LUCID
Los Angeles suburb POMONA
Lotion ingredient, sometimes ALOE
Music genre and this puzzle's theme RAP
News item for a scrapbook, briefly OBIT
Once upon a time LONGAGO
One end of a hammerhead PEEN
Oscar role for Tom FORREST
Palindromic emperor OTTO
Philatelist's treasure PANE
Pilgrimage to Mecca (Var.) HADJ
Play on words PUN
Prepare for a bout SPAR
Prestidigitator MAGE
Quick job turnover? RAPIDFIRING
Real bargain FIND
Red or army ___ ANT
Rejected suitor's word, perhaps ALAS
Restaurant choice THAI
Right for the disabled RAMP
Socrates supporter PLATO
Steer clear of AVOID
Stretch across SPAN
Suffix with "meteor" ITE
Summoned the butler RANG
Superlatively capable ABLEST
Sweet fruit DATE
Toy gun ammo CAP
Twice or more (with "once") AGAIN
Type of brake DISC
Type of scout outing HIKE
Type of sentence RUNON
Typographer's fine line SERIF
Visitor to Oz TOTO
Word between "lather" and "repeat" RINSE
Words with "seat" or "heart" HAVEA
___ up (chimed in) PIPED
___ up (confesses) OWNS
___ your instructions ASPER
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