How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 05 2011

"Coach" actor Jerry Van ___ DYKE
"If all ___ fails . . ." ELSE
"While I nodded, nearly napping . . ." penner POE
"___, I never thought of that" GEE
Attack strategy ACTIONPLAN
Australia's national gemstone OPAL
Automatic starter? SEMI
Base coach's frantic cry SLIDE
Bridge places NORTHS
Cannabis plant HEMP
Capital of Rhône LYON
Cause to suffer HURT
Chianti and merlot REDS
Coin-shaped Hanukkah candy GELT
Comfortably informal HOMEY
Common lotion ingredient ALOE
Company member? ACTOR
Dirty rats SOANDSOS
Disorient one's co-stars, in a way ADLIB
Dubai leader EMIR
Ejected magma LAVA
Eliminated, mob-style ICED
Fashions a sheepshank TIES
Fawned-over figure IDOL
Figure skater Kulik ILIA
Fruit of the blackthorn SLOE
Give back, as money REPAY
Grain grinder MILL
Grand in scale EPIC
Guy attached to apron strings MAMASBOY
Hawaiian greetings ALOHAS
Hazard RISK
Impersonated APED
Impolite RUDE
Inner Hebrides island SKYE
Insect that's finally gotten its wings IMAGO
Is sure to be heard YELLS
It may be crashed on cue CYMBAL
It's returned after someone swipes it? CHARGECARD
John B. of song SLOOP
Like a jack-of-all-trades DEFT
Like many a volunteer (Abbr.) RETD
Like some novels TRASHY
Little piggies TOES
Live show equipment AMP
Look (for) SEARCH
Lounges about LOLLS
Many microbrews ALES
Melody played on a sitar, perhaps RAGA
Michael Moore movie of 2007 SICKO
Move beyond OUTGROW
No longer deceived by ONTO
One thousandth of an inch (Abbr.) MIL
One-customer link TOA
Part of an aircraft carrier FLIGHTDECK
Petri dish gel AGAR
Place to see Goyas PRADO
Predict by signs AUGUR
Preppy shirts POLOS
Pronoun for two OUR
Puts a lid on CAPS
Quick correspondence EMAIL
Reason to call a hotline CRISIS
Sail support MAST
Shortened, as a sail REEFED
Software flaw BUG
The start of something big? MEGA
Throw all over STREW
Thumbprint feature WHORL
Time for a manly shadow? FIVEOCLOCK
Top-drawer AONE
Tough thing to be put through WRINGER
Triangular Greek letter DELTA
Voting "yea" PRO
Wall Street surge RALLY
Where the smallest bones in the body are located EAR
Words before "arms" or "space" TAKEUP
___ out (just manage) EKE
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