How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 03 2014

"Be it ___ so humble . . ." EVER
"Just to name a few" ETAL
"Krazy" comics feline KAT
"Tootsie" co-star Garr TERI
"You're making this up!" LIAR
1,000 millimes DINAR
66, famously ROUTE
A lily's cover? GILT
A tragic hero has one FLAW
Aaron made one IDOL
Acts the magpie PRATES
Apart from that ELSE
Apiece EACH
Backhand or forehand, e.g STROKE
Beginner's luck beneficiary TYRO
Belgian bucks EUROS
Cain's sibling ABEL
Cascades lake TARN
Certain Balkan native CROAT
Certain periods of self-denial FASTS
Covered with ice particles RIMY
Dash lengths EMS
Devoted LOYAL
Feel unsound AIL
Flair ELAN
Forehead feature RIDGE
Former Chinese monetary unit TAEL
Friend of Pearl and Ruby? OPAL
Functional UTILE
Goof off LOLL
Green gem mineral BERYL
Having no master FERAL
Home to most people? ASIA
Italy's chief port GENOA
Jumped to one's feet AROSE
Kind of rhododendron AZALEA
Lake volume increaser INFLOW
Lecturer's venue HALL
Like some breezes EASY
Little foxes KITS
Long, swinging stride LOPE
Made a sandwich, say ATEIN
Mantel showpiece URN
Match sound to action, e.g SYNC
Mother's relative ENATE
Multiskilled worker JACKOFALLTRADES
Muslim journey (var.) HADJ
New York thoroughfare named for a borough QUEENSBOULEVARD
Nighttime, poetically EEN
Not quite never RARELY
One type of insurance DENTAL
Opposite of race PLOD
Part of Indochina LAOS
Partners of wherefores WHYS
Peckinpah and Walton SAMS
Pitchfork prong TINE
Profession, slangily BIZ
Put down, as tiles LAID
River to the Amazon NEGRO
Ruler, so to speak KINGOFTHECASTLE
Skirt feature, perhaps PLEAT
Smidgen IOTA
Sneaking suspicion IDEA
Statistical measure NORM
Stimulate, as curiosity PIQUE
Story conclusion, sometimes MORAL
Synonym for 4-Down ACME
Tedious task ONUS
Till today ASYET
Whiskey cocktail SOUR
Window catches HASPS
Wintry COLD
With remorse SADLY
Word of exclusivity ONLY
Word of hesitation WELL
Wrinkly citrus fruits UGLIS
You can get it for a song LYRIC
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