How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 03 2012

". . . ___ lender be" NORA
"A burger and fries," e.g ORDER
"Don't look ___ like that!" ATME
"I see what you're up to!" OHO
"Me too" sort APER
"My kingdom ___ horse!" FORA
"The Sopranos" group MOB
"___ O'Riley" (Who song) BABA
Agreement addendum RIDER
Alternative to seven-grain RYE
Animation frames CELS
Anti-vampire tool STAKE
Appropriate inappropriately STEAL
Aware of the true intentions of ONTO
Barracks bed COT
Basil with a magnifying glass RATHBONE
Bellyacher's utterance MOAN
Best-of-the-best AONE
Bill of fare MENU
Bring into existence CREATE
Broadcast-regulating grp FCC
Buffalo's body of water ERIE
Carve in granite, e.g ETCH
Cause to deteriorate ERODE
Choir member ALTO
Commencement wear CAP
Computer screen symbol ICON
Concerning ASTO
Despised thing or person ANATHEMA
Earth unit CLOD
Egyptian symbol of life ANKH
Eyebrow shape ARCH
Fast-food drink size LARGE
Fireplace shelf HOB
Former first daughter Carter AMY
Game divided into chukkers POLO
Glamorous actress Turner LANA
Goodyear advertising icon BLIMP
Group of nine ENNEAD
Has a balance due OWES
Hawaii's "Pineapple Island" LANAI
His picture is in many wallets ABRAHAMLINCOLN
Host Convy or Parks BERT
Indifferent to ethical standards AMORAL
Inflict damage upon HARM
It often goes with a beer budget, unfortunately CHAMPAGNETASTE
Jury member, in theory PEER
Koa-wood instruments UKES
Late "Family Circus" cartoonist Bil KEANE
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Make indistinct BLEAR
Make sore by rubbing CHAFE
Mine metal ORE
Mondrian the artist PIET
Monopoly token TOPHAT
Not silently ALOUD
One way to run AMOK
Organ of equilibrium EAR
Outlandish bit of luck FLUKE
Panther, bengal or lion, e.g FELINE
Part of, as a scam INON
Passes, as a law ENACTS
Poetic foot IAMB
Polite palindromic address MAAM
Rudolph's vehicle SLED
Sandler of Hollywood ADAM
Shrine to "remember" ALAMO
String quartet's offering CHAMBERMUSIC
Tit for ___ TAT
To's opposite FRO
Twofold setback DOUBLEWHAMMY
Utmost degree NTH
Whetstone user HONER
Wide-mouthed comic Martha RAYE
XY chromosome bearers MEN
___ browns HASH
___-to-order MADE
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