How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 27 2019

'Doggone it!' drat
'Family Guy' daughter meggriffin
'Fernando' pop group abba
'I'll second that!' ditto
'Love Story' author Erich segal
'___ your head!' use
Afternoon social need teaset
Amazon transaction, e.g esale
Apple introduced in 1998 imac
Arbitrator's skill tact
Artsy Manhattan area soho
Big lug oaf
Botch but good mangle
Bottom-line figure total
Burned the midnight oil, perhaps studied
Came out with said
Capture, as one's attention engage
Charged toward wentat
Cork's land, in poetry erin
Curie with two Nobels marie
Deliver a tirade rant
Dental restoration crown
Dog summoner's word here
Dwindle, with 'out' peter
Exercise system with poses yoga
Follow, as advice heed
Give up, as a right waive
Hard-to-resist impulses urges
High wind on the Beaufort Scale stronggale
Hightailed it scrammed
Hospital's capacity beds
In ___ straits (desperate) dire
Injured, as an ankle twisted
It's in, but not for long fad
Kicked off began
Lager alternatives ales
Like much Cajun cuisine spicy
List shortener, briefly etal
Luau strings, for short uke
Make less severe ease
Make refinements to emend
Maker of metal beer bottles alcoa
Many a Michener novel epic
May-December romance issue agegap
Minor dust-up tiff
Miracle for a duffer eagle
Motorless flying apparatus hangglider
Muscat native omani
Nanook's transport sled
Never-changing timeless
Nike competitor avia
Often-pickled veggies beets
Open-topped bag tote
Paddock parents sires
PC whizzes, e.g gurus
Piece of penne, essentially tube
Pillow prettifier sham
Place for a napkin lap
Places for tweeters nests
Pompeii covering ash
Price for a promo adrate
Provide temporarily lend
Rating at the pump octane
Responded to a telethon gave
Salve ingredient aloe
Sign of remorse tear
Speak honestly to, with 'with' level
Stop presenting evidence rest
Suds makers soaps
Take the blue ribbon win
Tippy-top acme
Use a blinker signal
Vientiane's land laos
With no women invited stag
World Cup cry ole
World's largest furniture retailer ikea
Wrigley's Spearmint, e.g chewinggum
Yellowfin tuna ahi
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