How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 27 2014

"Don't make ___!" ("Freeze!") AMOVE
"He's ___ nowhere man" (Beatles) AREAL
"Meet Me ___ Louis" INST
"___ will be done" THY
'50s Kenyan revolutionary MAUMAU
Alternatives to PCs MACS
Andy's pal on old radio AMOS
Author Madeleine L'___ ENGLE
Ballpark quaff BEER
Barks excitedly YELPS
Bear with cold food MAMA
Bothersome PESKY
Canyon in Utah BRYCE
Capital of Latvia RIGA
Certain gland ADRENAL
Chinese fruit (var.) LICHI
Clubbing needs IDS
Country with a white, red and green flag OMAN
Diamond great Slaughter ENOS
Do more than yearn ACHE
Don't waste USE
Downhill gliders SKIS
Eight fluid ounces CUP
Elbow in the ribs POKE
Feelings of hostility ENMITIES
Feminine sides, to Jung ANIMAS
Fields suitable for grazing (var.) LEYS
Finish a messy job MOPUP
Food morsel ORT
Fork settings ROADS
Give a little push URGE
Grown-up polliwog TOAD
Heck of a puzzle TOUGHNUTTOCRACK
Hole-in-one ACE
Hong Kong neighbor MACAU
Horror-struck AGHAST
In ___ of (as a substitute for) LIEU
Insignificant amount IOTA
It is slightly above a foot ANKLE
Joseph's prized possession COAT
Joule divisions ERGS
Kind of reasoning APRIORI
Kind of test BETA
La Scala offering OPERA
Landing cushions MATS
Like some crumbled fall leaves RAKED
Like the period after 1945 POSTWAR
Magazine copy ISSUE
Maui instruments, briefly UKES
Mr. in Mumbai SRI
One of the Teletubbies DIPSY
Ore appraisals ASSAYS
Part of the eyeball UVEA
Prefight garb ROBE
Preserve, as vegetables CAN
Range separating two continents URAL
Riot-subduing stuff MACE
Sacred bird of the Nile IBIS
Second-largest living birds EMUS
Slippers for the stubborn? MULES
Sly sorts SNEAKS
Smarty-pants WISEACRE
Solomon, to David SON
Streep's "___ in the Dark" ACRY
Substantial, as a sum TIDY
Thicke and Rickman ALANS
Timeline segments ERAS
Tyne who played Lacey DALY
Witchy woman HAG
Word that includes three of itself ESSES
You may draw it with a gun BEAD
___ Bator ULAN
___ dictum (passing remark) OBITER
___ off (miffed) TEED
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