How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 26 2015

"All ___ are off!" BETS
"Demo" anagram DOME
"Fat Man and Little Boy" topic ABOMB
"For ___ us a child is born . . ." UNTO
"Good" one in an exclusive network OLDBOY
"I, Claudius" costume TOGA
"Oui" and "si" YESES
1988 Olympics host SEOUL
67.5 degrees, to a vane ENE
A permissible difference LEEWAY
Airborne defense? MACE
Ancient city at the mouth of the Tiber OSTIA
And so forth ETC
Attachment to love LORN
Auto grille covering BRA
Autumn bloomers MUMS
Baby seat, sometimes KNEE
Back biter MOLAR
Battery part CELL
Black, as piano keys EBON
Brittle unleavened bread MATZO
Broadcast services, e.g MEDIA
Brutish fairy tale being OGRE
Bursting into flower ABLOOM
Cash recipient PAYEE
Certain synthetic fiber ORLON
Christmas drink EGGNOG
Currency in Freetown LEONES
Dash measures ENS
Dessert choice MOUSSE
Distort, as survey results SKEW
Drive-___ window THRU
Ear section LOBE
Father's sibling AUNT
Feel sorry about LAMENT
Flounder features GILLS
G.I.'s hall or kit MESS
Grad student's exam ORAL
Had competed in a pool SWUM
High-voltage creatures EELS
Horseshoes target STAKE
Indulge one's wanderlust ROAM
Is obviously lazy LOLLS
It's good for the skin ALOE
Kama ___ (Hindu manual) SUTRA
Like many sweaters WOOLEN
Long step STRIDE
Move briskly, as a horse TROT
Musical mixture OLIO
Mysterious Himalayan creature YETI
Nuts for drinks KOLAS
Old Testament prophet EZRA
Opposite of income OUTGO
Part of the orchestra OBOE
Party animals? STAGS
Personal care workers AIDES
Phrase for a fed-up person ALLRIGHTALREADY
Prefix meaning "four" TETRA
Raccoon relative COATI
River through Deutschland RHEIN
Rush furiously, as a river RAGE
Russian river or mountain range URAL
S-shaped decoration OGEE
See 39-Down RUE
Seriously serious SOLEMN
Shakespearean commotions ADOS
Small secluded valley GLEN
Spectral property HUE
Swimming site POND
Syrup, before processing SAP
They sing near sopranos ALTOS
Trojan War adviser NESTOR
Tyke that taxes IMP
Wagnerian soprano ISOLDE
What egomaniacs require COMPLETECONTROL
___ Blanc MONT
___-up (confined) PENT
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