How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 24 2006

A choice location MENU
Acid type AMINO
Aggressively virile MACHO
Around the bend LOCO
Be jocular JEST
Become edible, in a way RIPEN
Biblical preposition UNTO
Bill addendum RIDER
Burroughs' heroine JANE
Bygone auto adornment FIN
Calculating subject MATH
Cardiologist's instrument (Abbr.) EKG
Church regulation CANON
Civic boundaries? CEES
Commotion STIR
Creatures on some Egyptian relics ASPS
Cyberperiodicals, familiarly EMAGS
Didn't merely pass ACED
Dress type MAXI
Dry streambed WADI
Dunderhead OAF
Durango dwelling CASA
Effectively treat HEAL
Eliminate ERASE
Elizabeth II's monogram HRH
Exemplar of lightness FEATHER
FBI agent GMAN
Film about a career janitor? MARRIEDTOTHEMOP
Film about a failed surgery? BACKTOTHESUTURE
Film about the great Chianti caper? GONEWITHTHEWINE
Film about the Von Trapp family dog? THEHOUNDOFMUSIC
First name in pharmaceuticals ELI
First word of ''Nowhere Man'' HES
Former British PM HEATH
Gestation stations UTERI
Gladden ELATE
High roller's need DICE
Humorists WITS
In the thick of AMID
Iron and Bronze, e.g. AGES
It may be saved for you SEAT
It's taken when leaving EXIT
Makes out FARES
Male raccoon BOAR
Miss Doolittle ELIZA
Mollycoddle BABY
Money's money source ADS
More than intuition ESP
Moving vehicles VANS
Noble Italian family ESTE
Notion IDEA
Old World finch LINNET
Orbital point NODE
Payout determiner, perhaps ODDS
Piercing tool AWL
Powerful blows SWATS
Preliminary contest HEAT
Rigging support SPAR
Shakespearean villain IAGO
Sharp-tongued ACERB
Shirt opponent SKIN
Sired BRED
Sleep lightly DOZE
Some wind players OBOISTS
Talismans AMULETS
Taunted GIBED
Top exec CEO
UV index monitor EPA
Wane EBB
Wayside places INNS
Wild guess STAB
Word with neck or belly ACHE
Word with shaving or mess KIT
Words with ''number on'' DOA
Working hypothesis THEORY
___ about (approximately) ONOR
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