How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 23 2010

"Before anything else . . ." FIRST
"Com" preceder DOT
"Honor ___ father and . . ." THY
"I think I can, I think I can" speaker ENGINE
"Save the Last Dance for Me" singers DRIFTERS
"Smoke ___ in Your Eyes" GETS
A clothes-knit union SEAM
A Mama of the Mamas and the Papas ELLIOT
All-out Vegas play DOUBLEORNOTHING
Answer REPLY
Apple carrier CART
Asp's weapon FANG
Baby food PAP
Bad looks LEERS
Be compliant OBEY
Benjamin Moore, e.g. PAINT
Burgeon GROW
Business alternative PLEASURE
Canceled, to 69-Across NOGO
Cash register co. NCR
Cause alarm to SCARE
Cause of cowardice FEAR
Ceramacist's medium TILE
Comparatively peculiar ODDER
Coolly detached ALOOF
Correspondent's request WRITE
Cut with quick strokes SNIP
Diamond coup TRIPLEPLAY
Easiest to move YAREST
Easy dupes SAPS
Extinguishes, as a candle DOUSES
Extract juice from REAM
Film ___ (movie genre) NOIR
Flirtation TOYING
French clergyman ABBE
Gas burner ETNA
Hardens SETS
Herman's Hermits leader NOONE
Hiker's trail FOOTPATH
It gives an artist backing EASEL
It may be checkered PAST
Italian brandy GRAPPA
Jet Propulsion Lab grp. NASA
Lay out in advance PLAN
Lovers' rendezvous TRYST
Makes a Delmonico disappear EATS
Match point? SINGLESBAR
Mind/body exercises YOGA
Moneygrubber MISER
New Year's Eve adjective AULD
Olin of "Havana" LENA
Olivier role LEAR
One of seven big things in the world ASIA
Part of an old-fashioned pin-up GAM
Passing remarks? OBIT
Pianist's exercise ETUDE
Provide, as with some quality ENDUE
Racing vehicle AUTO
Shipshape TIDY
Sicilian province or its capital ENNA
Singular digit ONE
Slowly exudes SEEPS
Snowy wader EGRET
Some Hollywood residents STARS
Songlike ARIOSE
Staggered off-balance REELED
Start for "while" ERST
Sweet-toned musical instrument OBOE
Tarnish or varnish STAIN
Television studio sign ONAIR
Ticked off ANGRY
Tight circumstance PINCH
Trying experience ORDEAL
Voting "no" ANTI
Where to find Sofia BULGARIA
Yalta conferee STALIN
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