How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 20 2018

"Makes sense to me" isee
"The Good Dinosaur" dinosaur arlo
"___ Lake" (Tchaikovsky ballet) swan
100 beats per minute, say tempo
All hell broken loose mayhem
All worked up inastew
Ancestry.com diagram tree
Any of the Bahamas isle
Apple Watch downloads apps
Before you know it soon
Bill Clinton's state (Abbr.) ark
Book of sacred songs psalter
Carnegie of self-improvement dale
Cash in the Philippines peso
Confesses, with "up" owns
Continent separators oceans
Cruise line vessel ship
Cubs great Santo ron
Dollars and cents money
Domino or die dots pips
Election-influencing org pac
Filled, folded food tacos
Final plays in many NFL OTs tds
Fixed course of action setplan
Fund, as a museum endow
In the loop aware
India's first prime minister nehru
iPod contents tunes
Itchy material, to some wool
Just plain silly inane
Kettle emanation steam
Lacking toppings plain
Lacy ornamental mats doilies
Landlocked Himalayan land nepal
Lob trajectory arc
Major falling-out rift
Manning of the gridiron eli
Many summer job holders teens
Mireille of "Big Love" enos
Misspoke, say erred
Modern TV or PC display flatscreen
Multivitamin element iron
Nanny's offspring kid
Network for political junkies cspan
Novak Djokovic, by birth serb
Old, but new again retro
Org. with a closing bell nyse
Part of DMZ zone
Peace talks goal pact
Pieces often made of cedar chests
Place for a body wrap spa
Place for a comb or wallet backpocket
Pokes fun at ribs
Poolside conveniences cabanas
Reading for one sitting, perhaps shortstory
Religious splinter group sect
Replaceable joint knee
Rough period on Wall Street downmarket
Rousted out of bed awoken
Rubs the wrong way irks
Russo of "The Intern" rene
Set lofty goals aspire
Site for a bout arena
Smile from ear to ear beam
Some urban pollution noise
Sotheby's offering lot
Sound of 7-Down hiss
Stands in for actsas
Star player, to a team asset
Tea-producing Indian region assam
Temporary insanity, e.g plea
They're often blitzed sots
Thorn in one's side bane
Timber-shaping tool adze
Top-drawer aone
Treat with contempt scorn
Ultimatum ender else
Voice of the Apple Watch siri
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