How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 16 2016

". . . happily ___ after" EVER
"Body" or "social" start ANTI
"Capital" attachment ISM
"East" or "west" endings ERNS
"He's ___ nowhere man . . ." AREAL
"Patton" props TANKS
"While" attachment ERST
"___ your call" ITS
After-holiday event SALE
Alaska native ALEUT
Ambience AURA
Barnum's way out EGRESS
Beat soundly ROUT
Beginnings STARTS
Big name in small swimsuits SPEEDO
Bouncers' reading material? IDS
Brief conflict SETTO
Brings dishonor to SHAMES
Camera feature APERTURE
Cincinnati nine REDS
Close-mouthed MUM
Comeback, of sorts ECHO
Diet-ad photo caption AFTER
Does a carpenter's task MITERS
Does not leave STAYS
Eastern royalty RANI
Ermine, at times STOAT
Exhausted TIRED
Family members, for short SIBS
Fast-spreading cultural idea MEME
Fe, to a chemist IRON
Fix just a bit TWEAK
Good-for-nothing LOUT
Grow crops FARM
Handle a line poorly? WAITIMPATIENTLY
Hitter of 755 home runs AARON
Hoarded treasure TROVE
Horner's find PLUM
I-beam lifters CRANES
Injured, as a ligament TORE
Just manage (with "out") EKE
Kind of poem ODE
La ___ opera house SCALA
Major artery AORTA
Mea ___ CULPA
Model of perfection IDEAL
More uncommon RARER
Most stale and moldy MUSTIEST
Muddy, as water ROIL
Muscleman's pride BUILD
Occasion to wear a muumuu LUAU
Old ___ (card game) MAID
Opera highlight ARIA
Oust by force EJECT
Part of a process STEP
Patient one's proverb HASTEMAKESWASTE
Petal product ATTAR
Pigeon sounds COOS
Pipe shaped like 56-Down ELBOW
Poker variety STUD
Right-angle bends ELLS
Russian chain URAL
Second-largest Great Lake HURON
Short note in the office MEMO
Southern refreshment JULEP
Spur on GOAD
Starring roles LEADS
Tall story? ATTIC
Taxies CABS
They justify the means? ENDS
Thorny plant ROSE
Took to the air FLEW
Yield, as a dividend PAY
___ of Capri ISLE
___-tat-tat RATA
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