How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 14 2012

"Beau ___" GESTE
"Congratulations!" KUDOS
"First Lady of Texas" Hogg, and others IMAS
"Funeral in Berlin" novelist Deighton LEN
"Go, team!" RAH
"The Legend of Tom ___" DOOLEY
"The ___ of the Cave Bear" CLAN
"Wait just a ___!" SEC
"Well ___-di-dah . . ." LAH
Absolute (Abbr.) ULT
After dark, poetically EEN
Air passageway VENT
And more ETC
Animation frame CEL
Arm bone-related ULNAR
As originally positioned INSITU
Ballpark concessionaire's offerings SODAS
Barely maintain (with "out") EKE
Be among the real EXIST
Big Mac component ONIONS
Bit of Florida produce ORANGE
Broadway backdrops SETS
Bullets-hitting-metal sounds PINGS
Certain Arab League member OMANI
Country's output, for short GNP
Dec. 24 and others EVES
Director Ephron NORA
Do some tailoring SEW
Dog found in the Outback DINGO
Eisenhower's nickname IKE
Foppish fellow DANDY
Foul up, as plans DERAIL
Green tea variety HYSON
Grill's go-with BAR
Have sum fun? ADD
Himalayan humanoid YETI
How the innocent may be led ASTRAY
Infamous date in 1929 Chicago VALENTINESDAY
Items in Gump's life simile CHOCOLATES
Ivy League school, informally PENN
Judeo-Christian diety GODHEAD
Leave scratches on, e.g MAR
Legendary blonde MONROE
Like some cuisine ETHNIC
Make comprehensible EXPLAIN
Miner's vein contents ORE
Multicolored MOTLEY
Name of several Norwegian kings OLAV
Not "pre-owned" NEW
Nutcracker's suite? NEST
One fulfilling a contract? ASSASSIN
Opt not to fold SEE
Phone-book listings (Abbr.) NOS
Proof word ERGO
Real hunk ADONIS
Repeat signs, in music SEGNOS
Romance and mystery, for two GENRES
Romantic bunch of flora DOZENROSES
Silver State destination RENO
Sneak attack AMBUSH
Stableboy OSTLER
Start of a kindergarten song ABC
Start over with, as a lawn RESEED
State confidently ASSERT
Thicke and Rickman ALANS
Thumbs-up vote YEA
Track and Field Hall of Fame inductee Ashford EVELYN
Utah city near Provo OREM
Vestment for a Father ALB
Wang of wedding wear VERA
Warm blanket material MOHAIR
Wild hog BOAR
Wisdom tooth MOLAR
Yoga class need MAT
Zig's counterpart ZAG
___ terrier (Scottish breed) SKYE
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