How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 14 2008

''Arrivederci ___'' ROMA
''Back to the Future'' landmark CLOCKTOWER
''The Beggar's Opera'' author GAY
A Pointer sister BONNIE
A psychic may sense it AURA
AAA recommendation RTE
Ad-libber's asset WIT
Albert Payson Terhune pooch LAD
Any one of the two EITHER
Appears to be SEEMS
Archaic verb suffix ETH
Artist's choice HUE
Be a thorn in the side of IRK
Cathedral niche APSE
Change one's way? TURN
Common bagel topping CREAMCHEESE
Common subject in English class NOUN
Connecticut's Ivy school YALE
Delivery boys? SONS
Detective's need LEAD
Domesticated polecat FERRET
Dot follower, perhaps ORG
Edible tubers OCAS
Ever and ___ ANON
Exposed, in a way UNEARTHED
Fanciful story LIE
Fly-catching bird PEWEE
Give one's word to ASSURE
Grappler's tactic HAMMERLOCK
Greek god of fields and flocks PAN
In a lazy manner IDLY
In abeyance ONICE
In the cellar LAST
It can be very fishy SEA
Jet follower? LAG
Job particular, briefly SPEC
Killer in a cult classic TOMATO
King or knight PIECE
Lets off the hook SPARES
Literally, ''let it stand'' STET
Living end, once BEESKNEES
Magna ___ laude CUM
More than confident COCKY
Muddy Waters' genre BLUES
Narrow valley GLEN
Nipper the dog's co. RCA
Online place for rants BLOG
Oscar's street SESAME
Park features TRAILS
Plays for a fool USES
Popular fruit drink HIC
Prefix meaning ''within'' ENTO
Prize since 1949 EMMY
RC Cola alternative NEHI
Recipe abbreviation TBSP
Sarge, for one NONCOM
Scalawag RASCAL
School session TERM
Sharp divide SCHISM
Sing without words HUM
Some borders FENCES
Stretch beside the water COAST
Surveyor's subject AREA
Symbol of Minerva OWL
Taloned bird HAWK
Thai currency BAHT
They may be cast LOTS
Top guns ACES
Unlimited credit BLANKCHECK
Vital force in traditional Chinese medicine CHI
Water wheels SWAMPBUGGY
Word with ''hickory'' or ''health'' NUT
Word with ''jet'' or ''stand'' INK
Zhivago's sweetheart LARA
___ Haute, Ind. TERRE
___ Provencale (cooking style) ALA
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