How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 05 2014

"7 Faces of Doctor ___" LAO
"Isn't that beautiful?" OOH
"The Jetsons" dog ASTRO
45th state UTAH
Airport stat ETA
Almost cylindrical TERETE
Alone SOLO
Alpaca land PERU
At that place YONDER
Big blood line AORTA
Bird or escapade LARK
Bit of pond vegetation ALGA
Bonnie young girl LASS
Boston hoopster, briefly CELT
Building lot minimum, often ACRE
Capri or Wight ISLE
Central point NODE
CEO's degree, often MBA
Certain college degrees BAS
Chain from Cuba to Puerto Rico GREATERANTILLES
Christie and Karenina ANNAS
City non-Muslims may not enter MECCA
Cobras' kin ASPS
Color of some Sox RED
Conducting rod BATON
Daughter of King Juan Carlos ELENA
Deli choice SALAMI
Detective's delight CLUE
Does some paving TARS
Dome openings, in architecture OCULI
Exodus memorial meal SEDER
Far from shore ASEA
Forever and ever ALWAYS
Freshwater porgy, e.g BREAM
Gorilla, e.g APE
Guy linked with 40 thieves BABA
Harleys, in biker slang HOGS
Hawaiian native dance HULA
Homer Simpson exclamation DOH
Inscribed commemorative stones STELAE
It breaks out in high school ACNE
It's shown to the best of the best GREATESTRESPECT
Items for heads with tails? TOPHAT
Jrs.' juniors SOPHS
Jung's feminine component ANIMA
Justice Dept. raiders ATF
Kind of syrup MAPLE
Lack peace of mind FRET
Langston Hughes, e.g POET
Least common RAREST
Like English nobility TITLED
Limestone landscape KARST
NFL safety Ed REED
Ninth months (Abbr.) SEPTS
Operatic love scene DUET
Pageant crowns TIARAS
Pay up, as a bill SETTLE
Phone button symbol STAR
Poker ploys RAISES
Possessed, to King James HADST
Prize for the worst BOOBY
Prominent business figure MOGUL
Puccini song ARIA
Quick-footed SPRY
Shakespearean "soon" ANON
Slangy "sure!" YEAH
Some flightless birds RHEAS
Sounds of relief AHS
Sour purple fruit SLOE
Suffer a "brain cramp" ERR
Time of severe hardship GREATDEPRESSION
Topple, as a ruler DEPOSE
Tough to navigate THORNY
Ubiquitous Stewart MARTHA
Watch over, as a flock TEND
Whine and whimper PULE
Wood strips SLATS
Young pup WHELP
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