How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 03 2004

"Baywatch" babe PAMELA
"That oughta ___!" DOIT
"We want ___!" (chant from the bleachers) AHIT
"___ by any other name . . ." AROSE
100 centavos PESO
1620 craft MAYFLOWER
Adds a little color TINTS
Air show formation VEE
Altar enclosures BEMAS
Any miniature golf shot PUTT
Appetite whetter, perhaps AROMA
Attic window view EAVE
Belgian resort SPA
Bet start? ALPHA
Capital before Lincoln OMAHA
Carroll character MARCHHARE
Change text EMEND
Chum PAL
City in Italy ENNA
Closer's pride SAVES
Collective or common thing NOUN
Discolor STAIN
Dugouts ABRIS
Either Clinton, to Yale ALUM
End of the year, e.g. EVE
Feast of Lots PURIM
Former welterweight champion Griffith EMILE
Fortifies, as a military camp EMBATTLES
Full of pep PERT
Gamal Abdel Nasser, e.g. ARAB
Gives the gun REVS
Good Housekeeping award SEAL
Grazing land LEA
Green and Gore ALS
Ham's medium RADIO
Harbor, as thoughts ENTERTAIN
Have some tea SIP
Hollow cylinder PIPE
Immerses STEEPS
It could reach five alarms CHILI
It describes 40-Across ADJECTIVE
It thickens the plot SOD
Jack of Westerns ELAM
Kennedy Center focus ARTS
Kweisi Mfume's org. NAACP
Laotian cash KIPS
Leaves unceremoniously DUMPS
Levelheaded SANE
Lip or cheek SASS
Long-winged sea eagle ERNE
Lover boy? EROS
Mane setting NAPE
Martin's sidekick ROWAN
Middle and Stone AGES
Misprint, for short TYPO
Mount Kilimanjaro's cap SNOW
Normal beginning PARA
Offers a challenge DARES
Old Testament craft ARK
Opera parts ACTS
Pat Boone classic APRILLOVE
Picnic crashers ANTS
Purple shade LILAC
Put right AMEND
Rap sheet entry ALIAS
Showed leniency SPARED
Small amount FEW
Stereotypical opera prop SPEAR
Sword holder SHEATH
Tennis legend Gibson ALTHEA
They can be tight or loose ENDS
Twisted tresses BRAIDS
Ultimate sailing destinations SEVENSEAS
Voodoo kin OBEAH
What many girls dream to be JUNEBRIDE
Where the Gurkha fought NEPAL
Words on the street SLANG
Wrap of a sort BOA
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