How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 02 2019

'. . . and ___ well!' alls
'. . . ___ I saw Elba' ere
'At Last' singer James etta
'Coming soon' ad teaser
'M*A*S*H' extras gis
'Nessie,' e.g monster
'Peter Pan' dog nana
'Phooey!' drat
'Spy vs. Spy' publication madmagazine
'___ making a list . . .' hes
46-Across student eli
A brother of Michael Jackson tito
Added stipulations ands
Adds flavor to seasons
Artwork of bits and pieces mosaic
Assemble, as troops muster
Attorneys' org aba
Barbecue skewer spit
Birthplace of St. Francis assisi
Classic cars with 'horsecollar' grilles edsels
Deliverer of stemwinders orator
Drainpipe bend trap
Eggs on canapes roe
Elbow-bender sot
Fish-eating raptor osprey
Frozen daiquiri insert straw
Go and Go Fish games
Having a tiff atit
In a gentle manner tamely
In-demand real estate listing hotproperty
Island near Mull iona
Key with no sharps or flats cmajor
Kick out of the country deport
Latte ingredient steamedmilk
Laurel of 'Babes in Toyland' stan
Like 1943 copper pennies rare
Lodging for yachters boatel
Mardi Gras king rex
Maze-running rodents labrats
More bummed sadder
Mork and kin, for short ets
Nitrous oxide, e.g gas
On the job atwork
One of a cube's 12 edge
Orbison who sang 'Pretty Woman' roy
Paleozoic or Mesozoic era
Parmesan alternative romano
Pasta sauce buy jar
Phone call cost, once dime
Pinafore letters hms
Race on a strip drag
Rock concert gear amps
Sacrificial spot altar
Sling mud at defame
Some zesty dips salsas
Something to second motion
Spare no expense splurge
StubHub offerings, briefly tix
Sudden-death periods (Abbr.) ots
Tate Modern display art
The cornea covers it iris
Throw for a loop faze
Title bestowed on Jagger sir
Toon hunter of Bugs elmer
Tree surgeon's tool saw
Used a fireman's pole slid
Utopian spots edens
Vine, to Hollywood Boulevard crossstreet
Volcano near Catania etna
Watches a neighbor's pooch, say dogsits
Where the Whiffenpoofs sing yale
Where to earn a finance degree, for short bschool
Whiff king Nolan ryan
Word before rage or hog road
Words before 10-Down wasi
Writing tablets of old slates
Yoga class accessory mat
___-hit wonder one
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