How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 02 2005

"Butterfield 8" author OHARA
100 centavos PESO
At a right angle to a ship's length ABEAM
Average figures PARS
Beatified Chuck? STCHARLES
Billy's cry BLEAT
Blind as ___ ABAT
Bookworm's transportation? READINGRAILROAD
Box lightly SPAR
Casino razed in 1996 SANDS
Celestial spheres ORBS
Checkpoint Charlie shout HALT
Chow chow, maybe ALPO
Compos mentis SANE
Desired role LEAD
Desires LONGS
Enthusiastic verse ODE
Epps or Sharif OMAR
Ethnic dance HULA
Experts in CPR EMTS
Extend credit LEND
Fallible ERRANT
Famous last word AMEN
Flat-topped elevation MESA
Game with tricks HEARTS
Granddad danced to it OLDIE
Hankers YENS
He directed Marlon in '54 ELIA
Head off AVERT
Hearsay RUMOR
Heroic tale SAGA
Hot liquid burn SCALD
In short supply SCANT
Intended MEANT
It costs $400 BOARDWALK
It may go out on a limb NEST
It's checked by many teachers GRAMMAR
Legal claim LIEN
Light quantum PHOTON
Miniature race car KART
More than want NEED
Morsel BIT
Nintendo lover GAMER
Not live TAPED
Noted bone donor ADAM
Oil exportation grp. OPEC
One of many sisters NUN
Part mortal and part deity DEMIGOD
Places for soap making? SETS
Priest from the East LAMA
Priest of the Mideast IMAM
Protagonist found lacking ANTIHERO
Purlieu AREA
Quaking tree ASPEN
Range measures ACRES
Respectful answer NOMAAM
Result of normal use WEAR
Saloon brawl, e.g. MELEE
San ___ Channel PEDRO
Sch. groups PTAS
Self-esteem EGO
Some tides NEAPS
Tandoor, for one OVEN
Turn to mush PUREE
Type of path PRIMROSE
Vane spinner GUST
Virginia or Georgia follower TECH
Wooden crucifixes ROODS
Word with Corn or Bible BELT
Word with flash or ice CUBE
Write PEN
Writer Waugh ALEC
Zeniths ACMES
___ mater ALMA
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