How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 26 2003

"Betsy's Wedding" actor ALDA
"___ of God" (1985) AGNES
100, IQ-wise NORM
1970 World Expo site OSAKA
About, formally INRE
All ears RAPT
Alternative to graphics TEXT
Annie Oakley, e.g. CRACKERJACKSHOT
Army enlistee PFC
Artemis' mother LETO
Audubon recording BIRDCALL
Australian natives EMUS
Back of the pack REAR
Beams for surgeons LASERS
Beanery sign EATS
Belladonna derivative ATROPINE
Bellowed SHOUTED
Best-rated AONE
Bit of a spread ACRE
Bookies' concerns SPREADS
Bridge sections SPANS
Bring to naught ANNUL
Broadway's "___ Loves Me" SHE
Buggy for Brits PRAM
Bugs' voice MEL
Cajun catch CRAYFISH
Calendar babes PINUPS
Carnival attraction SEER
Carousel's ring BRASS
Chapter of history ERA
Christmas cookie shape STAR
Closing party SELLER
Coat with gold GILD
Collars for preppies? ETONS
Coltrane's instrument SAX
Completely INTOTO
Composer Bacharach BURT
Computer operator USER
Conflicted TORN
Cool treat FRAPPE
Course for some immigrants, in brief ESL
Crochet maneuver POPCORNSTITCH
Curdle CLOT
Dame in drag EDNA
Dispatches SENDS
Drug treatment DETOX
Elevating crosspiece RUNG
End of a campus e-mail address EDU
End of the remark ABALLPARKFIGURE
Expanded in scope ENLARGED
Failing to beat the bell TARDY
Fashionable name OLEG
Fictional sleuth Archer LEW
Flamenco dancer José GRECO
Flamenco dancer's praise OLE
Garland's "Babes in Arms" co-star ROONEY
Greenbacks MOOLA
Harbor sight, perhaps SCOW
Head or neck preceder RED
Imitator APER
In an alcove RECESSED
In safekeeping ONICE
Indians of Utah and Colorado UTES
Ingrained activity HABIT
Inveigh RAIL
Is generous at the office? GIVES
It lights up the night NEON
It sounds just like you EWE
It willingly accepts change SLOT
Italian writer Umberto ECO
Italy's chief port GENOA
Jeanne and Teresa (Abbr.) STES
Jeweler's unit KARAT
Kayak's kin UMIAK
Kournikova of modeling ANNA
Likewise ALSO
Lime drink ADE
List shortener ETAL
Lloyd Webber musical role CHE
Macbeth's burial place IONA
Many-celled structure HIVE
Measure of prevention OUNCE
Michaels of "SNL" LORNE
Monica of the court SELES
More pallid ASHIER
Motor Trend focus AUTO
Museum for packing material? PEANUTGALLERY
Must-have NEED
Narcotic leaf COCA
Necessitate ENTAIL
Neighbor of Cannes NICE
No longer squeaking OILED
Nocturnal insect EARWIG
Novotna's requirement RACKET
Old theatre name VIC
One of two ways FRO
Optimism HOPE
Part 2 of the remark ONHOTDOGSAND
Part 3 of the remark BEERORILLGET
Pear variety ANJOU
Pickens in "Hawmps!" SLIM
Pitch indicator CLEF
Plague carrier RAT
Plenary ENTIRE
Poisonous snake KRAIT
Pontificate RANT
Popular suspect BUTLER
Pouches SACS
Prefix for phone MEGA
Print widths EMS
Purplish LILAC
Quote by rote RECITE
Rainbow maker PRISM
Ready to eat DONE
Remove the surface PEEL
Rice dish PILAF
River bottom BED
Romain de Tirtoff's pseudonym ERTE
Rowing blade SCULL
Saucy dish PASTA
She's "sweet as apple cider" IDA
Sign of triumph VEE
Single UNWED
Sitter's challenge IMP
Some scale syllables FAS
Some Starbucks offerings MOCHAS
Spoken ORAL
Start of a sports fan's weighty remark IVEGOTTOCUTDOWN
Submit a revised invoice REBILL
Sun and moon ORBS
Sundial numeral VIII
Support (with "up") PROP
Sweet treat OREO
Swirled EDDIED
Take off FLEE
Take to the hills FLEE
They embellish locks SALONS
Thin nails BRADS
Trickster's deception HOAX
Tropical lizards GECKOS
Two twos, e.g. PAIR
Vim and vigor PEP
Vote into law ADOPT
What push comes to SHOVE
What some put on athlete's foot? NIKE
Where to go out to launch PAD
Word with river or whale BOAT
Word with straw or big BOSS
Writer-director Ephron NORA
___ buco OSSO
___ Timor EAST
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