How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 24 2015

"Buona ___" (Italian greeting) SERA
"Norma" or "Louise" OPERA
Alpine transport TBAR
Anagram for "rose" ORES
Angelic topping HALO
Annual event in Louisville DERBY
Atmospheric pressure unit TORR
Batman comic word BAM
Bearing freight LADEN
Bill-blocking vote NAY
Blame, so to speak RAP
Boat maneuverer OAR
Brilliant thought IDEA
Cash dispenser, initially ATM
Casts out EGESTS
Caterer's coffeemaker URN
Changes text EMENDS
Chewy, almondy candy NOUGAT
Companion PAL
Craft shop buy KIT
Crime of 35-Down, sometimes VAGRANCY
Dresden's river ELBE
Elusive fountain's promise YOUTH
Emergency exit, for some ROPELADDER
Energy ZIP
Father of Balder ODIN
Geishas' accessories OBIS
Gnawing problem? RAT
Hipbone-related ILIAC
Hopping mad INCENSED
Indian prime minister, once NEHRU
It takes a bow FIDDLE
It's done in prison TIME
Japanese home divider SHOJI
Knowledgeable about UPON
Leave no escape for HEMIN
Like some fingerprints LATENT
Like Van Gogh's "Night" STARRY
Lion tamer's accessory HOOP
Long in the tooth AGED
Make like a lion ROAR
Modify, in Congress AMEND
Notorious pirate captain KIDD
Notorious Roman emperor NERO
Old prefix for "while" ERST
One asking for a handout HOBO
One side in an eternal battle EVIL
Open-topped bag TOTE
Pacific island nation FIJI
Police officer, slangily FLATFOOT
Precursor to revolution UNREST
Rani's husband RAJA
Removes lids UNCAPS
Resonating chambers in musical instruments SOUNDBOXES
Roast variety RUMP
Romanov ruler TSAR
Scored lying down SLID
Short on energy TIRED
Skin care ingredient ALOE
Speeder's bane RADAR
Submarine sandwich HERO
Symbol of Christianity CROSS
Teacup handle EAR
Teensy bit IOTA
Three reindeer that showed up CUPIDCOMETVIXEN
Tip, as one's hat DOFF
Track shape OVAL
Two reindeer that showed up DANCERPRANCER
Two reindeer that showed up DONNERBLITZEN
Unoriginal ones COPYCATS
Who might be to blame NOONE
Words of commitment IDO
Writer Bagnold ENID
___ En-lai (Chinese premier) CHOU
___-Claude Van Damme JEAN
___-hour traffic RUSH
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