How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 23 2008

''And the following'' abbreviation ETSEQ
''Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's ___ . . .'' AGAS
''___ free country'' ITSA
A Beatle PAUL
A, in Berlin EINE
Actor Morales ESAI
Away from land ASEA
Ball-striking cartoon character? JIMINYCRICKET
Big name in vermouth ROSSI
Bric-a-___ BRAC
Bylaws, in brief REGS
Card-playing actor? LLOYDBRIDGES
Card-playing dancer? GINGERROGERS
Cause for a lockdown RIOT
CFO deg., often MBA
Changes for the better AMENDS
Chin smoother RAZOR
Constellation bear URSA
Cosmetic plant ALOE
Declare to be true ATTEST
Delicious leftover? CORE
Dessert not for the diet-conscious TORTE
Disney head Robert IGER
Distant leader EQUI
Does a farm chore MILKS
Dolls' partners GUYS
Early whirlybird GIRO
Fed. workers-vs.-mgmt. agency NLRB
First floor apt., perhaps ONEB
Former Fords LTDS
French monarch ROI
Group in ''Survivor'' TRIBE
http://usatoday.com, e.g. URL
Idi follower? OTIC
India's first PM NEHRU
Injured indelicately KNEED
Irish fellow LAD
Jolie's ''Girl, Interrupted'' co-star RYDER
Key part of the immune system TCELL
Key signature preceder CLEF
Letters on a crucifix INRI
Like Poe stories EERIE
Lovable Ray ROMANO
Lucky folk? IRISH
Mogul capital of India AGRA
Movie star who shoots craps? CANDICEBERGEN
NHL Hall of Famer Stan MIKITA
Not just once in a while OFTEN
Not straight ATILT
One might attend an OPEC meeting EMIR
Opie's aunt BEE
Per ___ (daily allowance) DIEM
Positive type of attitude CANDO
Post-op stop ICU
Pre-meal word, perhaps AMEN
Put in the paper RAN
Readies for impact BRACES
Shuttle operator NASA
Some coffees BLENDS
Some cosmetic surgeries NOSEJOBS
Some use a thumb to get one RIDE
Standard material? GOLD
Start to warn FORE
Struggles, as over a decision AGONIZES
Sweden's capital? ESS
Tax shelter, for short IRA
The Eternal City, to natives ROMA
They're bound to land SERFS
Titanic transmittal SOS
Totally absurd INANE
Tureen accessory LADLE
Verdi's ''___ tu che macchiavi'' ERI
Wall St. wheeler-dealers ARBS
White House gofer PAGE
Wines to serve with beef REDS
Word from Mork NANU
Word with ''ditch'' or ''gasp'' LAST
___ a happy note ENDON
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