How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 22 2018

'Beg pardon . . .' ahem
'Giant' novelist Ferber edna
'It's about time!' atlast
A Bobbsey twin bert
Affirm to be true attest
Airline with kosher meals elal
Answer an e-vite reply
Art who played Norton carney
Banded mineral agate
Bushel or peck unit
Components of gym sets reps
Cover with droplets bedew
Did a face-plant, say fell
Did the Iditarod, say raced
Dixie bread pone
Duck foot feature web
Ed of 'Roots' asner
Edith who sang 'La Vie en rose' piaf
Element in meteorites iron
Enjoy the kiddie pool wade
Fails to keep up lags
Fasteners on trunks hasps
Fieri or Lagasse chef
Fixes, as an election rigs
Flip chart support easel
Full of sass pert
GOP candidates, collectively republicanslate
Hat, slangily lid
Have an anxiety attack panic
Having the know-how able
Hayworth of 'Gilda' rita
High-five sound slap
Hold in high regard value
Intensify, slangily ampup
Jack or hammer tool
Layer of huge green eggs emu
Like hens' teeth, so it's said scarce
Like some fingerprints latent
Little shaver lad
Many a Groucho quip pun
Many a summer temp teen
Monica with three French Open wins seles
More than just suggest urge
One way to pay cash
Out of a job idle
Oyster's home bed
Penurious state need
Place for a Brazilian wax spa
Place to build lot
Pregame scoreboard posting startinglineup
Quench, as thirst slake
Rani's wrap sari
Realty ad figure area
Recyclable container can
Replaceable smartphone part screen
School founded by Henry VI eton
Serengeti equine zebra
Sharon of Israel ariel
Smooth musical transition segue
Spray-on salon treatment tan
Stare salaciously leer
Stridex target, informally zit
Sulfur dioxide quality odor
Swiss Army knife's many uses
Talks like a tosspot slurs
Telly network, with 'the' beeb
The Cratchits' Christmas fowl goose
The FBI's top 10 mostwantedlist
The Florida Keys, e.g isles
Threw into the mix added
Uneasy feeling agita
Unenthusiastic, as a response tepid
Unsettled issues ifs
Wide-eyed agog
Wing it onstage adlib
Workbench 18-Across vise
World leader who was a KGB agent putin
___ torch (luau light) tiki
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