How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 21 2011

". . . on Earth ___ is in Heaven" ASIT
"Corn" or "cycle" starter UNI
"Damn Yankees" siren LOLA
"How about ___!" THAT
"How the Grinch ___ Christmas" STOLE
"Li'l Abner" cartoonist Al CAPP
"Old" British buddy CHAP
"Ramblin' wreck from Georgia ___" TECH
"Roly" follower POLY
'Vette roof option TTOP
A bit smashed? ATOM
Anglo-Saxon laborer ESNE
Archaeological site, perhaps RUIN
As of now TODATE
Australia's largest lake EYRE
Basic idea GIST
Beauty-cream additive ALOE
Beyond normal limits UNDUE
Bothered greatly ATEAT
Bread elevator? YEAST
Breakfast side TOAST
Came down tail first ALIT
Caron role LILI
Classic TV canine LASSIE
Contents of Pandora's box ILLS
Crashing waves site SEASHORE
Cultivating tool HOE
Dawber and Grier PAMS
Doing plenty of nothing IDLE
Electrical engineer Nikola TESLA
Gets a glimpse of SEES
Good thing to be in the NBA TALL
Guest who forgot to cancel NOSHOWS
Hair arrangements STYLES
He's unbelievable LIAR
In a haphazard way WILLYNILLY
In chaotic disorder PELLMELL
In no time ___ (instantly) ATALL
Instructor for hire TUTOR
Khrushchev's country cottage DACHA
Kismet FATE
Lauer of "The Today Show" MATT
Law-school subjects TORTS
Layered dessert TORTE
Like a slug's trail SLIMY
Lovett and Waggoner LYLES
Makes a dash for RUNSTO
Makes allegations CLAIMS
Makes void NULLS
Marlon's "On the Waterfront" director ELIA
Mgr.'s helpers ASSTS
Milton, Shelley and Gray, for three ELEGISTS
NCAA tournament nail-biters OTS
Not perfectly upright ATILT
Novel ending? ETTE
Old sailors TARS
Oodles ALOT
Place for mascara EYELASH
Product of some worms SILK
Quotes the raven? CAWS
Right as rain HOTSYTOTSY
Right-angled bend ELL
Sara of poetry TEASDALE
Stone's ___ (short distance) THROW
Title with a tilde SENOR
Up on a map NORTH
Walked in a showy way SASHAYED
Walter Mitty portrayer KAYE
Wanes away FADESOUT
Waste time vacillating DILLYDALLY
Woodland creatures of myth SATYRS
WWI French fighter plane SPAD
Zodiac ram ARIES
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