How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 20 2012

"Remington ___" (Brosnan series) STEELE
"Were ___ do it over . . ." ITO
"___ fair in love . . ." ALLS
1973 horror classic (with "The") EXORCIST
Agee of the Amazin' Mets TOMMIE
Backtalk SASS
Bandit's lair HIDEOUT
Before, in one syllable ERE
Bloodhound's sense SMELL
Boy-meets-girl event MIXER
Can't survive without NEEDS
Captain Nemo's sub NAUTILUS
Continental coins EUROS
Culturally showy ARTY
Dawson or Deighton LEN
Deceptive appearance GUISE
Decorative sewing cases ETUIS
Dedicatory verse ODE
Do one's darnedest TRY
Drain blocker SLUDGE
End of a boxing referee's count TEN
Film with a cast of thousands EPIC
For each PER
From square one ANEW
Giver of three wishes GENIE
Great joy BLISS
Green citrus fruit LIME
Grind together, as teeth GNASH
Had the title to OWNED
Hawaii feature ISLET
Hoedown honey GAL
Ill-___ gains GOTTEN
Irregularly shaped spot BLOTCH
It's always in verse? EER
John Wayne title marshal of 1973 CAHILL
Kiddie gun ammo CAP
Kimono sashes OBIS
La Douce in a movie IRMA
Lawn-repair roll SOD
Like many a horror movie scene GRISLY
Long green MONEY
Mayday letters SOS
Medicinal morsel PILL
Not out of the house ATHOME
Obtain GET
On the ___ (precisely) DOT
One on the run OUTLAW
Oversupply GLUT
Pan-fry SAUTE
Pink, in a steakhouse RARE
Put on the feedbag ATE
Revealed the end to? MOONED
Revealing skirt feature SLIT
Roger Bannister, notably MILER
Roman's foe of yore PICT
Shade HUE
Singer Stefani GWEN
Some egg containers NESTS
Sport in which competitors dig in their heels RODEO
Stream stopper DAM
Take in from a pet shelter ADOPT
They'll never get off the ground EMUS
Thing lacking during a senior moment SHORTTERMMEMORY
Tissue thickness PLY
Tit for ___ TAT
Travel aimlessly (with "about") GAD
Tyrannosaurus surname? REX
Visual illusion genre OPART
Wall St. abbr AMEX
Was the front-runner LED
Wheat, rye and rice GRAINS
When an emcee fills time INBETWEENACTS
Winter forecast, sometimes SLEET
Wire measure MIL
Woolly female EWE
Word on a nickel CENTS
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